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Elevator Fight club

Pissed off about going to work? Or did you have a bad day?
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Mike was excited about his first day at work, but he was running late. It was his first day commuting to the city and he was in a rush. Rushing into the lobby he see's that all of the elvators are on the 10th floor or above. He races around the corner and see's another elevator hidden down a corridor. He rushes over presses the button and the door open he jumps in. The door is just about to close when a hand forces it back open and a guy gets in. Mike presses the the 20th floor button and guy asks him, "so you must be the new hire in marketing, welcome aboard my name is Jeff". "Nice to meet you" Mike replies. The elevator starts to move and to Mike suprise its not the regular elevator music but death metal. Just as Mike is about to turn around and ask jeff what the deal is, Jeff smashes a bottle over the back of Mikes head and begins to kick and hit him repeatedly. Mike starts to yell "what the hell is that for man". Jeff stops his assault and explains the rules of the elevator fight club.

Anyone on the elevator may engage in physical combat. When a person taps its over. Once off the elevator no one must speak of the elevator fight club.

Antegrity, Dec 30 2005

Dr. McNinja http://www.drmcninj...?pageNum=11&issue=2
[normzone, Jan 02 2006]


       We don't talk about it! What's done in the cart, stays in the cart.
Dub, Dec 30 2005

benfrost, Dec 31 2005

       I was orginally thinking of all those action movies where several goons are surrounding the hero in an elevator but he/she notices and kicks the crap out of them. Like the die hard movie.
Antegrity, Dec 31 2005

       OH hey bob, same "freakin shit from you isnt it" says Mike.   

       It would all be taken care of on the elevator.
Antegrity, Jan 01 2006

       This would be a welcome release from the world where putting your hand on someone's shoulder is grounds for a harrassment suit.
wagster, Jan 01 2006

       I think i'll take the stairs.
weedy, Jan 01 2006

"Mike! What the hell happened? How did you get a black eye and a bloody nose?"

       "I pressed the button for the wrong floor."
Aq_Bi, Jan 01 2006

       I am not sure. Elevators are such enclosed places. Not much room to maneuver.
NHstud1216, Jan 02 2006

       The number one rule of Elevator Fight Club might prove to be a bit akward if you were on the 10th floor and you had to go down to the 7th floor to make copies only to come back to the 10th floor with blood on your shirt.
Jscotty, Jan 02 2006

       [NHstud1216], your kung fu must be weak. If you had a ninja relationship like my fiancee' and I do, you would be perfectly comfortable in any space :-)
normzone, Jan 02 2006

       "I think I will take the stairs" How about a stairwell fight club, thats even better. What about the rules being posted on the inside of the elevator. Offices in the building would have a sign here on new employee forms. Since no one reads those most of the time some would still be suprised.
Antegrity, Jan 02 2006

       If you really read the contract, you would understand why your leg is broken.
Antegrity, Jan 03 2006


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