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Emergency Drone Airforce

A preloaded squadron of drones ready to go.
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A few hundred pilotless drones could be loaded up with food, water, medical and emergency supplies, and communication terminals to uplink the public to the outside world.

A number of these bases could be set up in strategic positions so that they could sent remotely with a presidential push of the button to instantly aid in distress.

Just make sure the new button is far away and clearly labeled from the big red one.

Giblet, Sep 23 2005

Canon launched drone glider airmail halfbakery
[M Carter, Mar 27 2008]

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       If they are designed like Thunderbird 2 then you got my bread.
etherman, Sep 23 2005

       What if a terrorist nation hacks the button press code, and delivers all the food to themselves!?   

       Or, what if, *gasp* they confuse the codes and accidentally hack the OTHER button code...!!!   

       (This is getting a FOR, 'cuz I like robots)
Iidhaegn, Mar 27 2008


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