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Emergency Phone Number

Don't always have the time to dial 911...
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A cell phone that features a safety button, in which, once pressed, sends a signal to the nearest police department, telling them where you are. Instantly. No waiting because there's no person able to assist you at the moment, no having to describe the situation to the person...

For crime-related emergencies only.

friendless-person, Nov 24 2003

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       What if I need six HAZMAT vehicles, but instead they send a patrol car? The entire freaking suburb could be contaminated by then...
Detly, Dec 02 2003

       Considering that cell tower geographical locating exists, I'd say the button you're referring to is the "on" button.
waugsqueke, Dec 02 2003

       hmmm, if it was one with a camera on the phone you could get it to MMS the emergency services and they can send the most appropriate response.
ideal for those who have accidentally superglued their lips together and thus can't speak.
neilp, Dec 03 2003


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