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Authorities Broadcast Text Messages
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I think cops, medical personnel, and firemen could alert people with cell phones via text messages of various emergencies. Cops could use it to inform of suspects possibly in the area with a number to call if you see him; in the event of a car accident they could also inform everybody on the highway exactly what happened, hopefully also with a picture (so everybody can just drive the fuck by); ambulances could alert people ahead of their presence; and firemen could inform everybody in a selected building to leave immediately, or the fire alarm could just come in the form of a phone call/text message. "Smoke Alarm third floor tripped; take action."

This could be implemented by targeting certain areas on a map in a PDA-like device and then directing the device to deliver the text to all devices in that area using GPS tech and whatever kind of connection is the most expedient. Then the cops, ambulance drivers, and firemen would all have one of these and use them appropriately (one hopes).

Eugene, Aug 28 2005


       I think this is a great idea, but it has its flaws. I think for this to work, cell phones (PDAs etc.) would have to have some sort of software installed. Maybe this will develop into a device that calls the phone that you point it at. that would be cool. Awfully obnoxious if someone abused it tho. (+)
s0berbob, Aug 28 2005

       That's why it needs built-in...y'know, anti-abuse thingies.
Eugene, Aug 29 2005

       why text when you can talk? or do you mean multi-texting? sme mssge 2 mny pepes?
po, Aug 29 2005

       Precisely...phone calls take too long, a text message would be quick and informative. Though one would hope a policeman would employ some semblance of proper grammar and such if provided with a keyboard.
Eugene, Aug 29 2005

       I do admire those people who can text quickly. it takes me ages to put a sentence or two together.   

       where I work, I am getting phone voice messages via text messages - quite weird.
po, Aug 29 2005

       In the nethelands you can subscribe to such a service, it gives you the weather forecasts, traffic jams, accidents, disasters, you name it. All for the area you are in.
zeno, Aug 29 2005

       Would this not cause more accidents? Do you really want drivers reading their mobile phone texts on the move?
silverstormer, Aug 31 2005

       As if cops had nothing better to do. Maybe it could hook up to the guys who control the road condition message boards.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2005

       The text could be displayed on a Heads Up Display. I saw an HUD on a car several years ago, and with OnStar, etc. it wouldn't be a bad upgrade.
moPuddin, Sep 04 2005

       there are a few universities which have similar-but- different text message systems, in case of emergencies. it wouldn't require any special software, just access to GPS data on the phones, which law enforcement already has in most cases.
fischerman, Jun 06 2011

       <wildly off topic> The title reminds me of my standard explanation of why it's best not to perform brain surgery on oneself: "Now I make a medial incision to the left temporal lobe, insert the ... CUTTING! IM CUTTING! GOO COME OUT NOW! GET IN! GET IN!"
spidermother, Jun 06 2011

       This seems like a natural Twitter add-on feature, create location based Hash-Tags for major crimes and accidents. That way your client could filter based on your GPS location, a circle of interest (possibly based on direction and speed).   

       I'll probably submit this as a separate idea once I flesh it out.
MisterQED, Jun 06 2011


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