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Emergency furniture out of cardboard.

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When a person is moving rapidly to a new home to escape problems in his other location... but doesn't have too much money...

what charities can do, is provide temporary emergency funiture. However it takes a lot of space to store second hand funiture for these situation. Plus the transport and logistics is an issue as well.

What would do well, is a set of easy to fold and set-up furnitures like tables, chairs and beds.

Being flatpack, easy to cut, will make storing these at various crisis centre very economical.


There are other cardboard furniture out there already.

But the focus of this, is cost, speed, and storage. Charities don't have enough money, they need to act fast, etc...

So unlike these commercial cardboard furniture, it may not look as pretty, but is simple and cheap and functional.

mofosyne, May 19 2016

Room in a box http://inhabitat.co...es/room-in-a-box-7/
[scad mientist, May 19 2016]

Adaptive Design Association http://www.adaptivedesign.org/
[JesusHChrist, May 19 2016]

Cardboard house http://www.wikkelhouse.com/
[pashute, May 21 2016]


       A furniture charity? I think it's called Craigslist:Free
normzone, May 19 2016

       + Craigslist, but cardboard furniture is interesting too if you can find the right use.   

       Looks like it's already been done. See "room in a box". It's cheap, ugly and packs small: just what you ordered.
scad mientist, May 19 2016

       Craigslist is great for picking up / disposing of still-useful items on the cheap/free, however without 'net access, transportation, moving help, the stuff simply isn't directly accessible without a charity's intervention.   

       [+] for the thought, but cardboard probably isn't the best choice.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2016

       I think mofosyne might be from one of those regions where people are very thin, usually dry and sit down carefully. Where I am from, people are very fat, usually moist, and hurl themselves aggressively at the furniture.
bungston, May 19 2016

       mofosyne, everything ok with you life?
pashute, May 20 2016

       We had a book about how to make cardboard furniture when we were first together. We never used it but apparently [grayure] did so about twenty years previously. It was okay but they fell to bits quickly.
nineteenthly, May 20 2016

       Presumably, the trick is to keep mending it with duct tape, until eventually you have duct tape furniture.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 21 2016


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