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Emoti-cational or Not

Website like Hot or Not but where you rate videos on emotional content and educational potential.
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The Holocaust testemonials at the Shoah foundation website are really moving. You can learn alot about people by the way their facial expressions change under emotional pressure. They give up alot of information per unit time.

There must be tons of other free web video out there that shows people in real life situations in which they are going through extreem emotions. It would be ethically iffy, but potentially really effective to use this kind of video to educate people emotionally.

A "Hot-or- Not" style rating site that allowed people to submit text in response to videos, and then matched videos by keyword would be a good way to educate people about emotions.

JesusHChrist, Sep 22 2005

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       Bun for encouraging people to consider their emotional reaction to media, whether or not positive, negative, even indifferent. Would it work, I mean produce the desired effect? I don't know, people attach a lot of significance to pressing  ####*#  on dial up numbers to vote for someone who just ripped a favorite -- maybe builders of emotionally stirring media are by habit approaching the wrong side of the action/reaction continuum of attention span. Could be it would be better to just let people vote and get it out of their systems.
reensure, Sep 22 2005


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