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Enhanced gravity

with banked circular rail track and centrifugal force.
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This will be a circular rail track with diameter will 500 m. There will heavy banking. A train with 1 or 2 cars will travel at speeds around 100 kmph.

Inside the car, one will be able to feel enhanced gravity.

e.g. a person weighing 100 Kg might find that he/she weighs 120 kg. Even mere standing in one place could be a good excersize.

VJW, Jul 08 2011

Gravitron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitron
The ride 8th of 7 mentions. I'm familiar with the Rotor (see below), but I don't think I've ever seen a Gravitron. Odd. [jutta, Jul 08 2011]

Rotor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotor_(ride)
Behold, the human fly! I love this ride both for the seeming violation of physics and for how easy it is (if you don't look out of the tube), but it turns out that after three rounds, I throw up once I get back out. [jutta, Jul 08 2011]

G-forces http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stapp
Don't ask for it, because you might get what you want ... [8th of 7, Jul 08 2011]

Centripetal force http://en.wikipedia...le:_The_banked_turn
The formulae are right there. [8th of 7, Jul 08 2011]


       sp: "Every circular amusement park ride ever made"
MechE, Jul 08 2011

       This would maybe work better if the vehicle was enclosed and windowless, but did have screens showing a "landscape" passing by at a "constant level".   

       Thus the occupants would experience merely the increased sensation of gravity, in otherwise stable surroundings.   

       Theme park rides tend to make a big thing of the rush of air, the violent twists and turns. A smooth and sustained increase in g-force is not that common.   

       Something like, "Experience Jupiter's gravity" (25 N)
8th of 7, Jul 08 2011

       Every circular spinning space station ever made (in SciFi).
sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 08 2011

       The flight training centerfuge I rode in that one time...
DIYMatt, Jul 08 2011

       One difference to the existing systems is that radius is huge in this case. Hence it should give an illusion that they are not rotating, but stationary.   

       As 8th mentioned, it should be enclosed completely. Train should be made very smooth. The large train car size will help the illusion.   

       100 Kmph speed may not be sufficient, though.
VJW, Jul 08 2011

       // 100 Kmph speed may not be sufficient //   

       Do the math ...   

8th of 7, Jul 08 2011

       350 Kmph. !
VJW, Jul 08 2011

       The basis for a sci-fi whodunit by James P Hogan (the victim thought they were on Earth while they were actually on the Moon).
FlyingToaster, Jul 08 2011

       Basically this idea is "really big centerfuge"
DIYMatt, Jul 09 2011

       It will be similar to F1 race tracks, with similar amount of banking. However these tracks are not perfectly circular.They are oval.   

       With a geometrically perfect circular track with constant banking, illusion could be made more realistic.
VJW, Jul 09 2011

       // Gravitron... it's not common. //   

       Please define "not common." I have seen the Gravitron at virtually every fun carnival and county fair since about 1990. [VJW] obviously hasn't...
Alterother, Jul 10 2011

       Actually, we'd all be enjoying life at 0.5G this moment if it weren't for the dinosaurs. Their continual foot-pounding collapsed the voids in the Earth's crust, squeezing it down to the modest globe we know today. Of course, it was the increased gravitational pull which led to their ultimate demise, leaving the world vacant for the more gravity-tolerant mammals to inherit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 10 2011

       Oh gosh, that's fun... So, my coldblooded ancestors went bounding about, for whatever reason and squandered resources: All the fluffy bubble-wrap qualities inherent in the [MaxwellBuchanan]'s bulbous-prehistoric earths'- crust gone forever, already popped... Damn their ignorance. Damn their greed.   

       Then leaving us: warmer, flatter, harder, heavier (underfoot), void-of-voids a much smaller earth.   

       Although, increased cooking times on an earth twice as wide would make baking pastries slower, I imagine.
Sir_Misspeller, Jul 11 2011

       It does explain why the human race is getting taller... But not why Japanese women's breasts are getting larger.
Alterother, Jul 11 2011

       'cuz they only take pictures of the part-caucasian ones.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2011

       In gravitron, one would get pushed against wall and not floor, like natural gravity. Also, small radius will give the feeling of being rotated in small circle.
VJW, Jul 12 2011

       If the rotational motion is producing centripetal force equivalent to 2g, then when the user stands up they will seem to be standing on a 27 degree slope, experiencing a force of 2.3g. However, there will be a significant gravity gradient up their body (depending on the radius of rotation) and the Coriolis force will be very noticeable too.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2011

       [spider]: thank you, that was very well defined. I guess the traveling shows in the New England area must be amongst the owners of those 50-odd Gravitrons, and I think I saw one in Montreal.
Alterother, Jul 13 2011

       Actually, the Dinosaurs died out 'because' Gravity increased. With increased Gravity, the boiling point of water is increased (higher air pressure). Pre-historic* man found that he could boil eggs, and that was that.   

       *I know the timing is wrong   

       PS if Earth had the same mass, but different diameter, would the gravitational force at the surface be the same or different?
Ling, Jul 13 2011

       Actually, the dinosaurs did themselves in. With all that stomping around, the increased gravity crushed their own eggs.
RayfordSteele, Jul 13 2011

       And this has what to do with the size of breasts in Japan?
Alterother, Jul 13 2011

       But gravitrons are not the only rides that do this. The various chair swings also produce a steady gravitational experience, as does the round-up.
MechE, Jul 13 2011

       Can it go backwards to lower gravity for lazy people?
saedi, Jul 15 2011


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