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Enter The Room Full of Dead Chairs

walk amongst the chairs
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Enter The Room Full of Dead Chairs is a large dusty room, with a crumpled flowery carpet, onto which have been piled a variety of office type chairs of every shape and form. They are strewn roughly around the interior. Some lie in heaps on top of each other, whilst some are isolated and lying on their sides, or totally on their backs, but none are fully upright.

Their unsettling feature lies in the fact that all of their independent legs have concealed motors that cause them to randomly twitch and jerk spasmodically in the air.

xenzag, Dec 19 2008

Robotic Self-Assembling Chair http://www.news.cor...botic.chair.aj.html
"It's continually reassembling itself," he said. "Somewhat like what we do in our own lives. We fall apart and put ourselves back together." [jutta, Dec 19 2008]


       you just described my laundry room, and with cats I can include the random twitching, falling over of occupants.
FlyingToaster, Dec 19 2008

       That one's [jutta's link] a serial born again chair.
xenzag, Dec 19 2008

       "It's not dead, it's pine-ing"
phoenix, Dec 20 2008

       Reminds me of a friend's gig I went to at The Oxford in Kentish Town. Upstairs, where the band plays, there's about 6 square metres of space taken up by a vast assortment of broken, rotting chairs in the corner.
theleopard, Dec 22 2008

       We have a room here at work that bakes this idea halfway. If between now and next Halloween I become super motivated, I might be able to get some small motors and fully bake it.
Noexit, Dec 22 2008

       Old chairs don't die, they just reappear as benches somewhere.
blissmiss, Dec 22 2008

       no, bliss, only those who have become closer to nervana become benches. Those who have more to learn come back as sitting rocks and stumps, stools, or toadstools.
Voice, Dec 24 2008


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