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Equipment Sharing Website

Site for donating and borrowing equipment
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Need to borrow a welder - you own an air compressor. Want to borrow a mountain bike but you own a racing bike. Etc. List things on the site that you own (and our willing to lend to others) the site will give you a capital value for these. You can borrow any equipment from others within your capital value limit. All lended/borrowed stuff is automatically insured by the site.

This would be really useful for DIY fans, builders, mechanics, hobbists, etc. as you could get lots of jobs done with little stuff or money.

Osborn, Jul 02 2002

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       Can you list spouses?
bristolz, Oct 06 2003

       I like the concept, not sure about this embodiment. Is the idea a rental business or more of a coop? Is there a physical building with employees or is it a structured way to loan/borrow to strangers over the web?   

       I don't see how it would cash-flow to cover expenses of insurance, building, web site and employees. Perhaps if the coop owners donated the equipment it could be depreciated for taxes. Then the coop owners could somehow see a tax benefit. Maybe the coop owners have to donate a few hours per year to the coop.   

       Btw, I have DeWalt tools and want a jet boat!
rgandhi, Jun 07 2007


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