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Glasses for Rent

Rent adjustable glasses while you wait for your glasses to be made
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When you go to the eye doctor, they give you prescription to make you a new glasses. To make new glasses takes time. So, they can rent you an adjustable glasses while yours are being made. When you come back you return adjustable glasses and get your own. Then, the adjustable glasses are checked if they are not broken and disinfected to be ready for another customer. It's also good to come out of the doctor with new prescription glasses immediately.
egik, Dec 19 2021

Overnight glasses https://www.overnig...m/next-day-glasses/
[a1, Dec 19 2021]

How long do glasses take to make https://www.allabou...ke-to-make-glasses/
[egik, Dec 19 2021]


Voice, Dec 19 2021

       I won’t bone this, but it has extremely limited marketability. In much of the USA, glasses and contact lenses can be made and delivered next day, in some cases the very same day.
a1, Dec 19 2021

       The widespread availability of this service would incentivise the slowing down of permanent glasses supply.
pocmloc, Dec 19 2021

       Make it a fixed renting fee.
egik, Dec 19 2021

       The best thing is that you can slip whatever onerous 'Terms and Conditions' in the Fine Print and they won't be able to read them until it's too late!
AusCan531, Dec 20 2021

       Not sure this merits an idea of its own so I’ll just stick it here - a social media network with 'friend' suggestions based on closeness of optical prescription. So, I’d be able to find the other person in the world who has the same unusual optical prescription as I do.
hippo, Dec 20 2021

       what [hippo] said. The minute I read this I wondered how anyone could wear the same prescription as someone else. My reading number is +4
xandram, Dec 20 2021

       I think mine is +4.25 in one eye and +3.5 in the other, plus some astigmatism and then some more correction for my reading glasses...
hippo, Dec 20 2021

       I'm not sure about social media network. Usually a prescription also includes distance between pupils. So, to get a good pair on social media network would not be easy.
egik, Dec 20 2021

       I hereby coin the term Opticaloppleganger and I want a nickle every time it is uttered or written.   


       Calling dibs in a public forum may not secure trademark rights. Isn’t there some kind of registry where you need to file those?
a1, Dec 22 2021

       // The best thing is that you can slip whatever onerous 'Terms and Conditions' in the Fine Print and they won't be able to read them until it's too late!   

       I have a similar issue with television ads for hearing aids.
tatterdemalion, Dec 22 2021


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