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Erasable Computer Ink

White-Out takes too much time
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Granted, those Erasable Ink Pens don't work terribly well, but it could be convenient to be able to just erase a section of text from a printout. Perhaps this could be ink similar to the stuff they use in newspapers, as that erases quite easily. This may not be the most necessary of features, but feel free to post some creative applications for this special ink.
catboy17, Feb 29 2004


       Creative application: altering legal documents.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 01 2004

       Though about something like this a few years ago…   

       Using a Laser styled printing device, ink is deposited through the use of a negatively charged areas of the paper, reverse this polarity and the ink is ejected from the paper. So, don’t bond the ink to the paper and use recyclable paper or plastic like paper that could retain their charge for longer periods.   

       You now save paper, trees, ink and money. Large companies keep their internal memos internally and reclaim the waste. External letters are printed on normal paper stock that cannot be reversed. Epson/Minolta are you listening?
Eyepoq, Apr 16 2004

       I was just thinking of posting a "Fading-paper" or somesuch idea which went along similar lines - To allow a normal printer to print on normal paper... but have the ink fade to nothing within hours (days?) of being exposed to light - Allowing the same paper to be reused with minimal waste.   

       I'll bun this, instead
Dub, Aug 19 2010


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