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Erotic airlocks

Erotic vacuum activity
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This is a spin-off of the zero gee orgy room idea.

It's probably quite difficult to have sex which involves bodily contact if the parties involved are both wearing spacesuits, but microgravity conditions have major advantages for erotic activity. As a provisional solution, consider the following.

Spacecraft are able to dock and open airlocks. This enables objects and matter to move from the interior of one pressurised environment to another without passing through the exterior. Consequently, i propose a spacesuit which is able to provide for certain proclivities, though not all, by being fitted with three airlock-docking stations. Two are in the crotch area and the third is on the face plate. It is also possible to open one of the docks from the inside without using the airlock system in order to alleviate erectile dysfunction.

It is then possible to couple two or more participants together in various ways, as each individual has three potential points of contact. Topologically, twenty participants can be joined together to produce a dodecahedral orgy.

This idea works well for people with spacesuit fetishes. It doesn't work well for people whose preferences include contact which does not involve the usual orifices, for instance foot fetishists would not be keen on this. I'm open to suggestions regarding how this might be solved.

nineteenthly, Aug 09 2011

Sex & Pregnancy in Space http://www.lifeslit...sex-pregnancy-1372/
"Microgravity decreases blood pressure, which could prevent the guy's penis from becoming fully erect." [Klaatu, Sep 02 2011]


       //open to suggestions// Fingers are quite sensitive and versatile sexual tools: A coupler from the Spacesuits' hands and feet too the normal orgy-airlock interfaces would allow feet and hands to interlock/participate as well?
Sir_Misspeller, Aug 09 2011

       Maybe. The trouble is that everywhere seems to be a potentially dangerous weak point. I'm wondering if there's a way for a whole gauntlet or bootie to come off rather than individual digits, which takes me all the way back to the DNA zip idea - can't visualise it.   

       And now i realise that's exactly what you meant. Sorry.
nineteenthly, Aug 09 2011

       struck dumb by the sheer hilarity   

DenholmRicshaw, Aug 09 2011

       Eheerrgh ... this is just wrong, very very wrong.   

       We knew we would regret looking at this idea.   

       You knew it was wrong when you posted it, so why ? Why did you have to do it ? Is it some sort of sick compulsion ?   

8th of 7, Aug 09 2011

       Now thinking of interlocking icosahedral and dodecahedral orgies.   

       I dunno, maybe i'm just channelling [benfrost].
nineteenthly, Aug 09 2011

       An interesting idea. A bit short on other virtues, but interesting. [+]   

       (John Varley had the last word on this subject in "Retrograde Summer.")
mouseposture, Aug 10 2011

       Eventually, humankind will be on long commercial flights to faraway planets like Mars and Pheromone. They will likely take their dogs. Dogs will eventually find a way to do what dogs do following a primordial instinct to make boatloads of baby dogs. It is easy to imagine, then, that a spacesuit for dogs will become necessary, sporting the same type of airlocks as the spacesuits for humans. (At some point it will become necessary to address how to unstick dogs that have become stuck together "in flagrante delicto" while wearing their suits, making for daunting engineering challenges.)   

       Ironically, cat spacesuits will be easy, requiring only a burlap bag and a staple gun.   

       Bun [+].
Grogster, Sep 02 2011

       Seems Zero-G sex isn't all that it is cracked up to be. <link>
Klaatu, Sep 02 2011

       Hmm, [Klaatu], i think the ready availability of a pressure differential would more than compensate for that.   

       [Grogster], that presents an ethical dilemma: should canine and human genital airlocks be made incompatible, or would that be an unwarranted intrusion on lifestyle choice?
nineteenthly, Sep 02 2011

       Good point, [nineteenthly]... and certainly something to consider. At the very least, human/canine compatible airlocks might make our [wives/domestic partners/husbands] think twice about putting us "in the doghouse" for protracted periods of time.   

       As an aside, your brilliantly half baked idea will no doubt spawn hundreds, if not thousands, of porn movie remakes.
Grogster, Sep 02 2011

       //foot fetish// Exactly how does one lick the heel of a space-suit?
Ling, Sep 02 2011

       Oh, and excellent link, [Klaatu]!
Grogster, Sep 02 2011

       //no doubt spawn hundreds, if not thousands, of porn movie remakes //   


       2001: A Space Odyssex
Star Whores: The Empire Strikes Butt
Starship Hooters

theleopard, Sep 02 2011


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