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I think there's a better category for this somewhere...
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After gaining a computer, I have found that despite a network card that purportedly works to connect me to my downstairs internet network, the internet still doesn't work on it (eventually, I carted this computer downstairs and just installed the broadband software and plugged the ethernet cable into it, replacing our old laptop, which is why my computer is the one I'm using right now, but I digress).

I reckon what I really need is a sort of middle-man device that will receiver the signals and redistribute them stronger around my house so that I could receive the internet in my room, or, failing that if it's unfeasible and laudible (in all likelihoods, yes, as my computer knowledge is very basic), to connect to another phone line in the house so that everyone will receive internet at most points in the house.

As everyone knows, at most power-points there are two sockets, and when you install your fridge you render the other point useless due to the fridge usually obstructing the power points.

And with a lot of houses, the heart of the house is the kitchen, where the fridge is usually kept. Another point would be that a lot of kitchens have or are located near the telephone, and hence the telephone line.

My proposed idea would be a wireless router of sorts, located on the fridge, either on the front or side (no, not in next to the ham and cheese), powered by the spare point (that is if that one is wired up, which it usually is), that redistributes the signals let off by the orginal router, or, failing that, creating a different connection that will allow people in other parts of the house (this is assuming that most houses, like mine, are very centralised around the refrigerator. I sure know mine is, my 17 year old (elder) brother seems to never be far from it) to access the internet.

Yes, the title of the idea is probably inaccurate or downright incorrect, although I'm not sure on this one...

froglet, Jun 17 2006


       //And with a lot of houses, the heart of the house is the kitchen//   

skinflaps, Jun 17 2006

       All the people use the attic in your home rather than the kitchen, [skinhflaps]?
froglet, Jun 17 2006

       I only have a attic, my attic is my kitchen.   

       <gets out guitar>
skinflaps, Jun 17 2006

       //And with a lot of houses, the heart of the house is the kitchen//
sometimes it's under the floorboards.

       [skinflaps] have you been consuming again? Your reality and mine are perpendicular to one another...   

       If you'd have said "my attic is my fridge" I'd have been well impressed, and suggested your place for PC overclocking attempts from now on.
david_scothern, Jun 17 2006

       Nah,I voted for the idea and I like it.
skinflaps, Jun 17 2006

       I like the lateral move in this idea to the "problem" of the unused socket behind the refrigerator. One could also address this by providing the refrigerator with two plugs.   

       But the problem at hand: it seems that your wireless system has insufficient umph. The whole wireless thing is interesting to me, because I am ignorant. I imagine it is like radio reception - there are bad spots and good spots. If you are too far away reception is poor. Does the nonfunctional [froglet] card work if the computer it is on is in the same room as the transmitter? It is amazing that those cards can pick up signals at all - they must have some sort of internal antenna, but a tiny one. Could one augment reception by attaching an aerial or antenna to the wireless card? Could one augment transmission by building up that little antenna on the wireless network? Maybe someone who understands wireless could answer these questions for me.
bungston, Jun 18 2006

       Its not like radio reception. It IS radio reception.   

       You need a WiFi Booster. Just google it.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 18 2006

       what [Galbi] said, these are readily available, and don't need anything other than a power socket.
neilp, Jun 18 2006


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