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Evening Delivery Service

Get Your Packages When You Are Home
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Isn't it annoying when you order something over the Internet only to find a post card in your mailbox that said they tried to deliver something to you but you weren't home? Well, of course you weren't home! You were at work making the money to pay for this thing! And now you have to take off precious time to go to the post office or delivery service office and stand on line to get it! Well wouldn't be easier if you could check off a box that says that you want evening delivery? It's amazing the delivery companies don't do this! They probably think they'll never find enough people who are willing to work in the evenings. But we know that there are a whole lot of unemplyed people out there would woul die for any job. Plus this one lets them sleep late.
ProblemSolver, Aug 30 2004

redundant with this one ...o.k. its a saturday delivery but... http://www.halfbake...0it_20on_20Saturday
[marked-for-deletion] [po, Oct 04 2004]


       Torn on this one. I'd like my deliverys between 6 and 8, but not after that. I can just imagine the damn delivery truck driving up to my neighbor's house at 2 am. Bun, but only if you'll make them stop by bedtime.
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       My neighbor gets his milk delivered at 2:30am. Don't ask me why; there's a market half a mile away and we live in a metropolis, for fuck's sake! The rambling sound of the delivery truck wakes me up every Wednesday morning at 2:30 on the dot. But I like your idea, [ProbSolver], as long as the deliveries aren't made past a certain hour (as [World] said).   

       Later: I was thinking about my neighbor's milk arrangement, and I think that's what gets on my nerves more than the fact that it gets delivered at 2:30am. Why can't he just go to one of the 60 markets that're within a 2 mile radius of us? <RANT> (and it's none of my business, I know.)
Machiavelli, Aug 30 2004

       Then when would the delivery people get their own packages?
contracts, Aug 30 2004

       contracts: I don't think the delivery people should work both in the day and in the evenings unless they are serious workoholics. I was suggesting that they have a night shift and those who prefer to work at night could sleep late (see the description.) The evening delivery people would be able to receive packages during the day when their bosses expect everyone else to.
ProblemSolver, Aug 30 2004


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