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Event recorder

Parallax upon paralax
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With the combination of cell phones and cameras every holder of this device becomes a recorder of events. As every cell phone now has a camera it can be assumed the device is cheap to manufacture. A small high school or college or local team could put a cellphone camera in a baseball hat given to every fan, student or booster. If the phone/hats all are connected to a closed system and signals are sent to a single receiver then an event could be recorded from multiple views. This could make an event itself the broadcaster, which makes Marshall McCluen priescent. Every highschool could have its own, inexpensive TV production of its endevours. If this was done at a profesional event, every play would be seen from so many angles replay would be decided in seconds. If this was done truly collectively then 3D would be easy.
fried dwight, May 29 2011

Software that benefits an event could be recorded from multiple views http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynth
[beanangel, Jun 01 2011]


       I like it. Nose-bleed seat hats wouldn't be advisable but every once in a while they would make for the best video so...(+)   

       Bakeable; baseball caps with video cameras and bluetooth are on the market for around USD$ 50.
8th of 7, May 29 2011

       Makes me think Photosynth (link)   

       Then someone could write a Photosynth add on that showed what everybody was most frequently looking at with color saturation gradients   

       actually it gets weirder imagine the software looking at the velocity that the spectators fidgeted or did "the wave" a micromoment to micromoment portrayal of audience emotion would be constructable
beanangel, Jun 01 2011


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