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Ever-front-facing labels

keep the pantry looking neat
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I had an idea a while back about a device that would keep my Volvo hubcaps always in the readable position, but found that it had already been done. I would like to apply that leveling technology to labels on tin cans so they always face front- keeps the cupboards looking nice. (remember Julia Roberts' husband in "Sleeping With the Enemy"? I want the look, without all the other trouble.) I think it might be possible with magnets in the doors- I know that the hubcaps relied on gravity. Maybe a tiny lazy-susan built into the cans rather than a way for the labels to slip round. Talk about lazy....
Rm Brz, Apr 02 2006

CueCat http://cuecat.com/
A short hop from this to a personalized inventory of household items. [reensure, Apr 02 2006]


       Nifty idea, but a magnet built into the door won't work, since the can will most likely turn when the door is opened. It might also add to the bulk of the can. Personally, I find it easier just to put the can's facing the door...
S1, Apr 02 2006

       I always place cans label out, but *something* frequently disrupts this arrangement.. It's only critical to have the labels facing out when the pantry / cupboard door is open so never mind the magnets, make the floating / revolving labels photophilic on the front and photophobic on the back.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 02 2006

       And think of how this will be appreciated by the stocking clerks at the grocer's.
Rm Brz, Apr 02 2006

       A holographic image? When the light shines on the can, from the front, the image automagically looks correct (and in 3D, too).
Ling, Apr 02 2006

       Option 1 liquid crystal display that completely surrounds the outside of every can allowing us to produce a virtual label. The virtual label will work in conjuntion with an on board computer and wireless communication device, A transmitter at the rear of the pantry tells the on board can computer where the back of the pantry is in relation to the position of the can. The can will now displays the image facing outwards.   

       Problem Can of baked beans will cost about $500   

       Option 2 Photo sensitive paint on the outside of the can. When the door is open the most light will come from the front so the pixels associated with that image will change in relation to the level of light that is displayed.   

       Problem not sure if photo sensitive paint exists??   

       Option 3 swivels on the bottom of pantry that each can sits on. Web Cam and light source built into pantry door. Image recognition is used to compare the image on the can with a database of stored images showing what direction is the front. Swivels underneath can turns until each can is correctly positioned.   

       Problem high one time cost and cost and effort of keeping database of can images up to date and additional effort to fit cans on swivels,   

       Option 4 Turn the can
Braindead, Apr 02 2006

       <link> For some time, people on the right track.
reensure, Apr 02 2006

       <wash hands>
<see doctor>
<wash hands>
po, Apr 03 2006

       Why not just have the labels on loser, with little folded-up parts on the edges of the cans that the labels slip into? Kind of hard to describe, but i'm sure someone will understand what I mean and explainify it better.   

       That way, you can just set the can in the pantry, and rotate it yourself (although I see how this thought totally destroys the original intention of the idea)
shapu, Apr 03 2006

       Option 7 or 8, I lost count- Have each can equipped with RFID. Front of cabinet door list an inventory of everything you got. Select which one you want and a special self-moving spot light with a slightly yellow, heavenly glow will shine on the can while making an angel's chorus resonant throughout the kitchen.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 04 2006

       Ham Eggs Sausage Bacon and Spam?   

       Spam Spam Spam Spam.....   


       Besides, spam cans aren't round, at least not where I'm from. Although if all cans were square, and the label was the same on all sides, then you would naturally stack cans to fit together, facing all the labels forward.
Agamemnon, Apr 04 2006

       Option 8: Replace the walls of your cupboard with panes of glass, fix a Perspex pole (optional entrapped bubbles for that added touch of class) to the ceiling, through the cupboard and to the floor of your kitchen and, using bearings, rotate the cupboard itself. An optional counterweight system allows you to lift and lower the cupboard so you can read the use-by-date stamps on top/bottom of cans.
methinksnot, Apr 04 2006

       I like [Ling]'s suggestion, so long as they can be removed in one peice.   

       Option 10 <warning: low tech approach ahead>: cut templates into the bottom plate of the cupboard so that cans can only be placed in one position (label facing front, obviously) after you have created a small intentation to the bottom lip of the can with a pair of pliers </w:ltaa>.   

       Option 11: Use the magic of electromagnets to levitate the cans (consumer advisory: will not work with glass jars) and, using a small magnet adhered to the front, right their orientation.
methinksnot, Apr 04 2006


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