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Evil Genius Gardens

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Need the *perfect* garden for your evil plans? Can't seem to get the proper respect you deserve from those pesky so-called super heroes because of your dismal gardens? Call in the Evil Genius Gardening Co. today!

If you like your garden classical style, sleeping beauty-esque briars growing around your lair will brighten up your day just by the sheer look of those foolhardy morons trying to chop their ways through! Or for the more ambitious, poisonous-waste neoclassical is becoming very popular!

Whatever your tastes, Evil Genius Gardens will cater for it*, so call today.

* Any Evil Genius who is deemed responsible for the death of an Evil Genius Gardening employee will have the extra charge placed upon their bill.

froglet, Jul 23 2005

Darth Enjoyed Gardening... http://www.threadle...h_enjoyed_gardening
[jaksplat, Jul 25 2005]


       Evil Genius Camp was great. Leave it to others to do pointless echoes and get [m-f-d]'d for their trouble. Didn't mean that to sound harsh, but that was the first thing I thought.
wagster, Jul 23 2005

       "A Piranha moat? <noise of sucking in air between teeth> - dunno if we can get a digger round the back of yer evil lair - and the electrics for the drawbridge will have to come off the same spur as yer death ray - dunno if the fuse will take it - you won't be able to use both at the same time. Hmm - s'gonna cost yer"
hippo, Jul 24 2005

       seeing that you had "Another evil genius thing." as your summary. You are begging for an Echo MFD. This doesn't seem like an particularly awful idea so I for one have no intention of giving it. Don't spoil Evil Genius Camp please.
hidden truths, Jul 24 2005

       "At Evil Genius Gardening, no job is too big, no job is too small. We can do anything from a rambling expanse of gorse, kudzu, and giant hogweed for your Evil Genius Country Estate Hideaway right on down to a simple yet elegant window box of Pitcher Plants and Nightshade for that Urban Lair. Evil references available upon request."
Canuck, Jul 25 2005


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