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Exercise Is For The Birds II

Strap on blimps and fly with them
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This blimp is large enough to lift a human and its own set of motors. The motors are partially controlled by the wings wielded by said human, who is strapped to the blimp. The motors are sufficiently powerful (and controlled by a sufficiently fast computer) to counteract any sluggishness created by drag on the blimp, but it will not do more than that. So the human will effectively weigh nothing and be able to freely and nimbly fly about as he wishes.

The computer calculates an amount of lift and drag to simulate, and allows dips, dives, and other aerobatics based on those perimeters.

Voice, Jan 14 2020

Exercise Is For The Birds Exercise_20Is_20For_20The_20Birds
[Skewed, Jan 15 2020]

Helium Balloons Lift Calculator https://www.omnical...ife/helium-balloons
[Voice, Jan 24 2020]

Calculating Lifting Capacity of Airships https://medium.com/...rships-48df5cd7d147
[Voice, Jan 24 2020]

Exercise is for the birds III Exercise_20is_20for_20the_20birds_20III
[Skewed, Jan 25 2020]


       So the original idea.   

       But with added computer calculated & controlled thrust to counter the sluggishness (drag) caused by the original method of countering the square cuby law type effects of the power to mass ratio physics thingumybob. I like it [+]   

       //based on those perimeters//   

       Only works within a predetermined geographic space then?
Skewed, Jan 14 2020

       Yes, I'm afraid it will not work in a vacuum.
Voice, Jan 14 2020

       Why use a blimp ? Why not use rockets ?
8th of 7, Jan 15 2020

       //Why use a blimp ? Why not use rockets ?//   


       1. That might be sensible & this is the halfbakery.   

       2. Modern science (I use the word advisedly & in it's loosest possible definition) assisted steampunk iterations are much more fun than something that works.   

       3. It always makes more sense to add another layer of complexity to fix a problem instead of going back & reassessing things from scratch.   

       4. I don't like scorched heels.   

       And [Uncharacteristically (beyond the field of politics), 'in all seriousness'].   

       5. Getting from a to b quickly was never the point.
Skewed, Jan 18 2020

       Alright then, a hydrogen blimp plus rockets. What could possibly go wrong ?   

       They don't have to be solid fuel rockets. For safety reasons, it might be better to use a liquid fuelled system, perhaps methanol/HTP like the Me 163 ...
8th of 7, Jan 18 2020

       With an adequately aerodynamic rigid or semi-rigid blimp I'm guessing a few relatively small electric fan air turbines would probably suffice.
Skewed, Jan 18 2020

       [Idly wonders]   

       [If we downgraded both the thrust & lift assist incrementally over time as the 'athlete' trains how small might we eventually get both]   

       [& what might the athlete's physique look like by then]
Skewed, Jan 18 2020

       // a few relatively small electric fan air turbines would probably suffice. //   


       You're no fun any more, you know that ?
8th of 7, Jan 18 2020

       We can always add the strap-on from the original idea back in if that would help ;D
Skewed, Jan 18 2020


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