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Explorer View Option

View files from differnt locations at a place.
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This software will be installed over any windows O/S. This will help you create virtual directories so that you can view files from different locations from one location. This will not copy or move the actual files. It will just refer to the original file.

You have some photos in location c:\temp\ and some more in d:\user\

If you like to perform an operation on all these files at a same time, it would be convenient to create a virual directory x:\photos\ that lists photos from c:\temp\ adn d:\user\

concept, Jun 08 2003

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       Start: Search: For Files or Folders...: Search For Files and Folders: Search for files and folders named:
thumbwax, Jun 08 2003

       In other words, you're suggesting that Windows have alias support that actually works usefully for something?
supercat, Jun 08 2003

       Virtual directories exist (Win2k+) via DFS. For older Windows OSes make (a) shortcut(s) to the appropriate directory(s).   

       What you're referring to can be done in the opposite manner: by creating shortcuts to the photos themselves.
phoenix, Jun 08 2003

       Good idea, however, I would be curious as to why your files would be in separate folders in the first place. If you need them in the same location, wouldnt it make sense to just put them to the same location?
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       Wait? Why isn't this just Network Neighborhood? ... oh, I see, like a virtual file that contains a saved search? Yes, that would be good.
Zuzu, Nov 04 2005


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