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Disk Drive + Flash Drive = Better game disks

Create a combo Laser disk and flash drive to make high-capacity disks with infinitely editable memory capability.
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I really don't think that I'm the only one who is really annoyed that I need a separate memory card to bring data from one game console to another. My idea is that the flash-drive electronics be printed directly onto the non reflective side of CD. The data is interfaced through the spindle part of the disk drive (the thing in the center, where the disk is physically attatched to the drive, will have contacts and a guide so that you put the disk in correctly). The end result will be a disk that has the 4-5 GB of game data on a DVD (or about 25 for a blue ray, right? [someone correct me on this one]) and then 512Mb to 1 GB of ram memory to store personal data on.
jong-scx, Oct 05 2005


       Not a bad idea, although it might be more expensive to manufacture. Also, all that extra weight might cause the disc to warp or shatter at high RPMs if it isn't perfectly ballanced.
discontinuuity, Oct 05 2005

       Wouldn't Re-writeable disks work just as well?
Ling, Oct 05 2005

       My bun is for [Ling]. If it isn't too expensive to manufacture, you could have a DVD-RW band near the axis.
Worldgineer, Oct 05 2005

       I think the combination of read-only and read-write was done by 'discgo' but the format failed to take off. I'll see if I can find a link.   

       [later] looks like the whole project stalled and never got very far into production, if at all.
st3f, Oct 05 2005

       I was kinda leaning away from actually changing the disk itself. I'm not sure how the process works exactly, but I do know that there is a physical change that happens when you're doing the RW part.   

       [tart] I was thinking more along the lines of just printing the circuitry ON the disk surface itself. Then etch it or whatever. You're right, though as putting anything on a plastic disk spinning that fast would get pretty dangerous pretty fast.
jong-scx, Oct 07 2005


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