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Extended-Length Bed

A longer bed for today's taller people
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Uncle Nutsy is, based upon the most recent studies, slightly above average height for a modern adult American male. Very slightly. Despite this, his feet dangle off the end of the bed when he lies down. His toesies would get all cold, were he the sort of person who suffered from cold feet and an infantile urge to call his toes "toesies."

But we digress. A lot of people are taller- even much taller- than your Uncle Nutsy. Despite this, mattresses seem only to be sold varying only in widths, not lengths. In these days of bigger is better, this is a flaw. Uncle Nutsy thinks we should either (1) start making size long (or "big and tall") mattresses, or else (2) increase the length of generic mattresses.

Uncle Nutsy, Jul 17 2000

(?) Tall Beds http://www.tallclub.../bedsBedlinen.shtml
Baked already. Link to two suppliers of beds and bedlinen for tall people in the UK. [hippo, Jul 17 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Tall Paul's Beds http://www.tallpaul...ll.com/bedding.html
What about a 7' 6" bed? [hippo, Jul 17 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I hate to advertise, but IKEA sell longer mattresses (Well, what do you expect, coming from Sweden?)   

       Of course, once you've got a longer mattress, you'll need a longer bed to put it on...
Lemon, Jul 18 2000

       ...and extended length bed time, which I'm very much in favour of.
DrBob, Jul 18 2000

       Damn you resource-guzzling oversize freaks. For god's sake, mate with a short person, and don't inflict your problems on the next generation. I mean, have you any idea how much material it takes to build a bigger doorway?
Trouvere, Aug 14 2001

       I like the idea. However, there are problems with all "standardized" accessories like bed frames, sheets, etc.   

       At 6'4" myself, I can understand the need.   

       Several years ago, I came up with my own solution. I bought 2 cheap bookcases, about four feet tall. Placed them against the wall, and mounted a 10" wide board at mattress-height between them. Put a cushion on the board. Placed bed & mattress in front of the board. Since your head doesn't really need the full support of the mattress, and you use pillows anyway, this worked pretty slick. It effectively made my bed 10" longer. Just a suggestion.
quarterbaker, Aug 14 2001

       I've seen expanding beds, so they grow with the child.   

       Not sure they're designed to cope with the child exceeding 6' though.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       This is Baked. Colleges often have longer beds in dorm rooms called twin extra-long. You can even buy the sheets at wal-mart.
Cymor, Aug 15 2001

       Yep, definitely baked. I have one myself, 6" longer than the average bed. Not much problem with sheets unless you buy those horrible "fitted" sheets.
zero5, Aug 15 2001

       Fully baked, a California King bed is longer than a standard king. I've heard it was originally made for a pro basketball player.
Onalee, Aug 25 2001

       I'm not even 6 foot, but both my younger brothers are (6'2" & 6'4") and I still would like to stretch out a few more inches without buying a king-size and sleeping sideways!   

       P.S. J.C. Penney's catalog sells unusual sized sheets, too. They might have these.
TallPat, Sep 01 2001

       I have lived with sore calves and ankles for YEARS. Finally I decided to slide the head of the mattress down 10 inches and then I stuffed the gap with 2 big floor pillows and covered it with a sheet. Same with quarterbaker, my head did not need the same level of support.
Jscotty, Dec 06 2006

       I have Twin Extra Long and I still wish it were longer, because I like to sleep with my arms stretched behind my head. Even Twin XL is tough to find sheets for. Longer beds needed +
phundug, Dec 07 2006


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