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Waking up in the gutter; not always a bad thing.
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If you've ever spent time sleeping on a couch or chesterfield, then you've discovered one of life's great secrets: the oft-maligned snoozing contraption is in some ways more comfortable than a real bed; the backrest and slanted seat produce a "nest" effect of security and comfort.

The V-Bed is a convertible backed-bench/single-bed, designed to capitalize on that.

Two 1ft wide, full-length boards, loosely joined along their length, are supported at both ends by the frame/armrests. Spoked wheel handles, positioned under the armrests, set the angles of the boards: flat + flat for an unassuming flat single bed; almost upright + slightly angled inwards for the traditional sofa effect (which is the default for its "couch" setting); a slight or pronounced symmetrical V for a full nest, upholstered gutter; even an obtuse angle, for those who would like to pretend they're jungle cats snoozing on a tree limb.

Another adjuster can (slightly)tilt the entire bed to one end or the other.

A single-sized futon mattress provides cushioning, and is kept from sliding off by a bit of well positioned velcro.

(It's also doable in a double, but accomodating two people comfortably precludes most of the angles available)

FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2015

Prior art, also expounding the virtues of cockroach husbandry. cradle_20bed
[FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2015, last modified Nov 07 2015]

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       Couches rock... weird thing is, if you sleep on one for a week or so straight, the first couple nights back in a bed it feels like you're going to fall off, which was the inspiration for the post.   


       The design of this device is a bed that folds lengthwise in the middle, where both halves can be set at any angle, to give the best "sleeping on the couch" experience possible, with customizable angles.   

       When the halves are angled to make a sitting couch (ie: one flat, the other vertical), it's more like a shallow bench with a short backrest, because the mattress isn't very wide. Which makes it lighter and takes up less space.
FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2015


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