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Exterior floodlights

Small floodlights to ensure your safety outside the car
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Have you ever wanted some more light outside your car as you get out? These small floodlights turn on after you shut the car off and after you open your door. The lights stay on for a 5 minute delay time. They draw little power and are almost not noticeable when off, because they are made with white LEDs.
-----, Oct 16 2004

Seville with Coach Lights http://www.fedrelan...ound/bilder2/62.jpg
Like this. [jurist, Oct 16 2004]

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       There are numerous cars that will leave the headlights on for a specified time after shutting the car off. They obviously only light the area in front of the car though.
half, Oct 16 2004

       yes, that was what i was thinking. This would be very cheap, you could wire it in to the interior lighting system so there are no dramatically new systems.
-----, Oct 16 2004

       My old 1978 Cadillac Seville was factory-equipped with Coach Lights mounted on the landau top near the rear doors. Of course, this was back when that was considered an attractive and desirable design feature, but I could have sworn that these lamps and the rear taillights were controlled by the same delay off switch that controlled the headlamps. It wasn't a great flood of light, but certainly enough to find your keys if you dropped them, or the door lock if you needed to reopen the car door or trunk.
jurist, Oct 16 2004

       well, I'll be dashed.
po, Oct 16 2004

       The Volvo XC90 has lights built into the bottom of the wing mirrors that can be activated from the keyfob remote - so you can light your car up when you're on your way back to it as well as when you get out of it.
kmlabs, Feb 07 2005

       hmm. That's a good feature.
-----, Mar 28 2005


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