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Car Headlamp Text Control

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The title describes the entire idea: Link the control of your car headlamps to mobile phone text messaging.

This way you can verify that you really did turn off the lights after you parked, or have them turn on, and send morse code messages from a remote location. (for whatever reason, but this is the halfbakery, and who needs a reason?)

xenzag, Apr 21 2014


       Certainly bakeable ...
8th of 7, Apr 21 2014

       This has such potential for anti-theft that someone must surely produced something like it. I'll have to look.   

       Of course I'm thinking of an sms that tells you your engine has started, but that's just the same idea with a different circuit talking.   

       We have a crazy number of vehicle hijackings here, and that might be partly due to steady improvement in technologies protecting stationary vehicles, so this aspect has that double-edged-blade quality one finds in weapons. (16 000 murders a year make those hijackings a bit scarier than the ones on Grand Theft Auto).   

       So why is nobody doing this? I go look ...
skoomphemph, Apr 21 2014


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