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Externally silent horn

for the chronically road-raged
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Gives you all the satisfaction of hearing and feeling the horn, ...but, since honking has never had any effect whatsoever on the actions of the drivers or pedestrians in front of you, why cause them unnecessary disturbance?

Police could activate the external silencer without the perp even knowing about it.

phundug, Apr 16 2003


       Terrible idea. However, if you change it to being a car-only horn (perhaps a radio existing in everyone's car that's always on but silent and a horn sound is broadcast in front of a driver) that could make the world a quieter place I might neutral or even bun you if the kinks were worked out.
Worldgineer, Apr 16 2003

       Forget the horn. For some real anger venting, pop a heavy metal or punk CD in and sing along to that. "We Love To Hate!" "The Driver I Killed In The Passing Lane." Hey. That last one is good. I should write some lyrics for it.   

       AC/DC is some of the best venting material I know. They only have one song, but it _rocks_. Hell, they could take the damn Hokey-Pokey and tear it up. It's just that style.
Eugene, Apr 17 2003

       I want this hooked up to a brain implant that stimulates drivers' "Barney*" brain cells everytime they push the horn once.
It's not so pleasurable they'd get addicted to pushing the horn (might even engender aversion), but it would remove their scorn.

The first tap of the horn is always silent, and if the impetus for honking were not rage-related, Barney signals wouldn't remedy the reason, and subsequent horn taps would generate honking sounds.

*(Barney is an obnoxious infantilized purple dinosaur children's TV character whose theme song is "I love you, you love me, we're one happy family. With a great big hug and a (something) from me to you, won't you say you love me too?)
roby, Apr 17 2003

       [roby] -a disturbing vision you have. it would certainly stop me honking frivoulously but i think i may end up in an accident due to not using the horn out of Barney fear. i would hate for that bloody song to be the last thing i hear.   

       also, it could increase road rage
"Aargh! Damn court appointed Barney again"
stilgar, Jun 08 2004


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