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Extreme realism Game

HUD? none. Want to know how many bullets there are left? Pull out the mag and see
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Since the very first fps game came out, game designers have been in a constant struggle to put new ideas in games in order to make them better. So far so good. But can anyone tell me why even the most "realistic" game available (which is in my opinion the UT mod "Infiltration") strongly relies on some weird HUD system that seems to come out of nowhere? My idea would be to imitate every single detail of a real person walking around with a gun. If you want to know how much ammo there's left, look into the magazine. If you are hit, you can see the injuries when looking down yourself or hear the character breathe harder as he moves.

Another cool aspect would be a character that feels fear. In most games, you can walk into a room full of disgusting, deranged and dangerous creatures and get rid of them without blinking an eye. Remove the creatures, put in a bunch of human enemies. I bet every "normal" gamer would wet his pants even here.

El_Heinzo, Oct 25 2003


       I don't think we'll see anything like this until games evolve past the stage of using "controllers" with "buttons" to move characters. It's because these controls are so cumbersome and unrealistic that the "ammo meter" evolved. You'd need too many buttons to perform as many actions as you want to do. Remember the JAGUAR system? It had 16 buttons on its controller, and nobody bought it.
Overpanic, Oct 25 2003

bristolz, Oct 25 2003

       Is "extreme realism" somehow more real than realism? I am confused...   

       there exists only one class of person who would want (probably not buy because the "innovations"/"crack pot ideas" you would introduce would cost of fortune) a perfectly realistic game - and instead of destroying the computer industry (and crushing the spirits of many a player with your "fear factor") we could just sell them whips and other such items? -
Ossalisc, Oct 26 2003

       Sure, you could also have a computer system that shoots you with paintballs or something when you get hit in the game... Maybe something like that arcade game where your body movement is tracked in the game (tokyo 911???), but this one would shoot back.
KLRico, Oct 27 2003

       Well it's certainly not "coming soon to a PC near you", but a full immersion PC game will kick serious A$$. I say will because I strongly believe in what this guy has to say about the future: http://www.kurzweilai.net
Rain, Jul 16 2004

       Sounds great - I especially like the fear idea. Your arm would shake perhaps, so targetting would be harder - in extreme cases your character could either back out of the room without you controlling him, or close his eyes (black screen of doom). Here, have a bun, the sugar will help your nerves.   

       There was talk a while back of a FPS based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and his Cthulu Mythos series. One of the features proclaimed was that the character would have a gun with 6 bullets and that extra bullets were to be very hard to find, so you had to choose where and what you shot at very carefully. Also, if you were injured by other characters (either people with bullets, or monsters with claws etc) then your movement became accordingly difficult - you couldn't walk straight for instance. Also, if you spent too long in contact with the creatures, your character would slowly go insane, and the desired actions wouldn't necessarily occur (left-click to shoot for example, and he throws his water bottle out the window - that kind of thing). Sounds great, although very hard. Alas, I've never heard of it coming out.
kmlabs, Dec 08 2004


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