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Eye Tea Bags

oval contoured tea-bags
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Used tea bags are very soothing and reviving to place over the eyes, but they are not a very sympathetic shape. Both the square ones and the round ones leave gaps, that promote surplus tea running down your face.

Eye Tea Bags solve this problem by being both oval shaped and contoured to rest easily within the hollow areas on the face that contain the eyes.

They are slightly larger than a conventional tea bag, enabling their outside edge to help form a seal against the skin, so that leakage is minimised.

Had a heavy night? Just make yourself a nice cup of tea, then lie back and relax with your warm Eye Tea Bags comfortably in place, shutting out the light.

xenzag, Dec 26 2007


       Hmmm...there's a joke in there relating to computer professionals, but I can't suss it out this morning.   

       Can I suggest a the tea bag be decorated to look like an actual eye? Just an extra gimmick that'd be fun for me personally. [+]
Noexit, Dec 26 2007

       Especially at The Oval.
egbert, Dec 26 2007


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