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Fabergé Peanut

Inconspicuous conspicuous consumption.
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calum, Mar 08 2009

Wikipedia: Fabergé egg http://en.wikipedia...ki/Faberg%C3%A9_egg
[jutta, Mar 08 2009]

(?) A Fabergé Egg, yesterday http://www.treasure...2_springflower.html
showing here how the bivalve peanut form could be made use of. [calum, Mar 09 2009]

Willard Wigan http://www.willard-wigan.com/
Micro Sculptor [calum, Mar 09 2009]

J. Carter Esq. http://www.roadside...ica.com/story/10409
You just cannot make this stuff up! [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009]

(?) In China, Fear of Fake Eggs and ‘Recycled’ Buns http://www.nytimes....ld/asia/08food.html
Related news story [sqeaketh the wheel, May 08 2011]


       //Uh... the idea?//
Just over there <-
in the title and summary. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 08 2009

       Love Fabergé, love peanuts.
wagster, Mar 08 2009

       wouldn't you be tempted to eat it though?   

       btw - timely reminder - never eat the nibbles at an orgy (not even the fabergé ones)
po, Mar 08 2009

       Thanks [po], I was going to binge on pretzels at tonights sex party down the local crack house. I shall now remember to have a little something to eat before I go.
wagster, Mar 08 2009

       hey, what happened to MY invite?
po, Mar 08 2009

       Did I ever tell you guys about my Easter egg tragedy? I joyously gobbled up what I thought was a yummy Easter egg on a hunt one year. To my ultimate horror it was indeedy a real blue jay egg.   

       The yolk sort of gushed outta my mouth and ran down my chin on to my bright colorful new Easter dress.   

       My sister was never the same as she watched in shock and disbelief.   

       Oh yeah the idea. What a beautiful peanut 'cha got there [calum].
blissmiss, Mar 08 2009

       blissy that story is awfuk!
po, Mar 08 2009

       you bet kiddo. that's why I love birds now. Guilt guilt guilt.
blissmiss, Mar 08 2009

       //Love Fabergé, love peanuts//
And the great smell of Brut.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 08 2009

       Can you explain your idea? Is it just a painted peanut?
plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

       A Fabergé peanut would be a peanut with the same treatment as the eggs - not just painted, but diamond-encrusted, and when you look inside there's perhaps a tiny little gem-encrusted circus elephant in one side, and it makes a trumpeting sound when you shake it. Something like that.
jutta, Mar 08 2009

       I know what Faberge eggs are. I assumed he wasn't going to put diamonds on his peanuts.
plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

       I don't think these would be for eating any more than the eggs are!
[SFX: static crackle] Mr. Hirst, please pick up the diamond-encrusted courtesy phone.
jutta, Mar 08 2009

       //I know what Faberge eggs are. I assumed he wasn't going to put diamonds on his peanuts.//
there's a tagline in there somewhere...
FlyingToaster, Mar 08 2009

       shorten that to *nuts* and that's hilarious.
po, Mar 08 2009

       I think it's the alliterative aspect...
FlyingToaster, Mar 08 2009

       Oh, I get it.
plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

       yes yes it's awfukilly strong.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2009

       I love brevity but there is such a thing as too much brevity.
simonj, Mar 11 2009

       Especially when it comes to an idea of this magnitude!
blissmiss, Mar 11 2009

       i have a deathly faberge allergy.
k_sra, Mar 12 2009

       That will save you some money then k_sra.   

       Is this idea anything to do with Jimmy Carter? [link]
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009

       Just saw this headline in Google News: "In China, Fear of Fake Eggs and ‘Recycled’ Buns". <link.
sqeaketh the wheel, May 08 2011

       Ooh, now there's an idea!
DrBob, May 10 2011


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