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<Martha Stewart Alert> Ceiling fan holiday decorations.
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Last Christmas I whipped up a Santa and his eight reindeer from pipe cleaners pom-poms and a paper wrapped tape dispenser for the sleigh. Blobs of hot melt glue for the hoofs ensured that the reindeer would stay bottom heavy.
I strung them all together and strategically hung it from the blades on my ceiling fan, and for the rest of the holiday season we had Santa lazily circling the living room. I glued a small up-tilted fin to the back of Rudolph which made the whole thing oscillate up and down as it turned.
I thought, why don't they have these for all the holidays?

Flying ghosts, bats, and witches for Halloween.

Leprechauns, shamrocks, and rainbow ended pots of gold for St. Patrick ’s Day.

Even a big circular Happy Birthday <place name here>, that you dig out of the box once a year.
The deluxe model comes with lights, bells and whistles.


       Ha! I love it. +   

       Not to mention they can be hung to make great entertainment for a cat. Dual purpose, very Martha.
sartep, Jul 03 2003

       fancy dressing
FarmerJohn, Jul 03 2003

       I keep meaning to do this with toy balsa airplanes.
thumbwax, Jul 03 2003

       If people can decorate plastic duck's, why not!!
envy, Jul 03 2003

       This idea sounds as though it could have a second purpose as a method of torture.
hidden truths, Apr 25 2005

       Stupid me, I can remember this idea, but not what I ate yesterday. I clearly recall this idea. I loved it. Our brains retain the most random choice of stuff.
blissmiss, Nov 22 2009


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