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Fabrege yo-yo encrusted with gems blends to gorgeous new color while spinning

encrusting the fabrege yo yo with a blue gem as well as a green gem causes the moving yo yo to produce a preferred, yet otherwise elusive blue green color, delighting the viewer. further, the yo-yo could have a mirror coated element to give it higher light concentration at the visually combined gems. This could also be a fluorescent mineral encrusted yo-yo with a quartz prism creating a newtons prism UV source to activate the glowing, artistically blended fluorescent colors
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The Fabrege (or Tiffany) light yo-yo could also be copied so anyone could have one.

for egregious complication (literally, like watch parts) the yoyo could have a counterrotating area that spins at a different velocity, with a geared down velocity this causes intermittent pure sparkles amongst the gorgeous blended colors of light

beanangel, Sep 06 2016


       Why "Fabrege"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2016

normzone, Sep 07 2016

       Good to see you again, [beanangel], but take a breath between posts, will ya?
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 07 2016


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