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It's spinny.
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A rectangular tray has a two inch depression which snugly fits a standard sheet of foolscap.
The four corners of the tray each house a spinning top and a toothed zip strap to spin the tops up to maximum speed.

When released, the tops race towards one another to ricochet madly off of each other.

The point upon which each top spins is one of many small replaceable ball point gel pens or felt markers.

No two doodles created by the kids will ever be the same.

Drawing Tops http://www.thomasfo...dex.php?s=work&id=9
Artist Thomas Forsyth makes ordinary pens into spinning tops. [Amos Kito, Aug 04 2008]


       Can we add more tops once the first four are going? Oh, can we, can we? Pretty please?!+
daseva, Aug 04 2008

       I'm afraid that that would voilate the laws of gyravity.   

       Nothing to do with rendering Greek Sandwiches, then?
RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2008

       It works! Nice link Mr. Kito.   

       No actual Gyros were eaten in the making of this idea.   

       Next: citygraph: shoes with pens.
ldischler, Aug 07 2008

       Well that idea has no sole.   


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