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Face-Hugger Oxygen Mask

"What's that it has down his throat?"
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The Face Hugger oxygen mask looks exactly like one of the crab-like monsters from the "Alien" film series. But instead of certain death, it delivers life giving oxygen, as well as any anaesthetic gasses required for invasive surgery. Crafted from latex and foam rubber, it is meticulously painted and detailed to be an exact replica of the nasty buggers. The underside is all business, rubber face gasket, flow sensors, etc. Tubes running into the tail connect to various gas regulators and displays.

Wouldn't it be more fun to operate on a patient who may or may not be impregnated with a lethal chest-bursting killing machine? I say yes. Doctors can recite their favorite lines while operating, increasing the amusement all around. "We can't remove it. We may kill him..." "It's eating through the goddamn hull!"

This product would also have an appeal for law enforcement, military aviation, and the dive industry - basically anywhere breathing gasses are delivered artificially.

tourist, Jan 30 2006


       Face full of alien wing-wang   

       I would prefer to be able to see when diving, but otherwise this gets my vote
miasere, Jan 30 2006

       "In the event of the cabin losing pressure, face hugger masks will drop down, jump on to your face and impregnate you with a murderous alien. Please make sure you fit your own face hugger, before helping others."
calum, Jan 30 2006

       And they should, of course, be packaged in egg-shaped containers.
DrCurry, Jan 30 2006

       I've got a sore tummy...
Jinbish, Jan 30 2006


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