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Improved Humidifier

Get pleanty of liquids, rest and have a humidifier.
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For anyone who has seen a coffee maker work you will notice steam rising above it. This is not unlike how an electric humidifier works.

So, imagine after waking up from your rest, you go over to your humidifier and find that during your sleep you now have a big pot of hot coffee, rose hip tea or chicken bouillon waiting for you.

The skinny on its features: there would be a weight sensor so the pot doesn't overfill and there would also be a timer so you can set it to make you something fresh. Also, there would be a place for a filter above the pot but that wouldn't prevent it from being able to make soup or tea. And yes there would be a hot plate under the reciptical pot.

How it works: Water can be channeled through a heating element part way and then diverted for the purposes of soup or go all the way through the element for steam.

sartep, May 06 2003


       How long would the coffee fester? Brewed coffee over about 20 minutes old is icky.
bristolz, May 06 2003

       Actually, the vast majority of electric humidifiers operate by mechanically atomizing the water, either ultrasonically or by spraying through a grating. The remainder work by passing air over a large wick.
Freefall, May 06 2003

       Have you tried freebasing coffee?
thumbwax, May 06 2003


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