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Faces Of Our Country Flag Project

The often done mosaic of faces forming a picture of a flag taken to a new level.
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A project where millions of people send in a picture of their face that's used to form a pixel in a mosaic of a flag. The faces are converted to black and white and colors of the flag are added as appropriate, red, yellow or green for Senegal for instance.

Mosaic pictures made up of other pictures are quite common, the differences with this are:

1- It's a group project, millions of people send their face in to be included in the mosaic available for the world to view on line.

2- Those who send their picture in get a link that when clicked, zooms in to the picture they've uploaded. They can then manually zoom in and out, scroll around and see their fellow countrymen. They can also type in names and search for who else joined in the project.

3- The resolution of this would be such that one pixel might contain hundreds of thousands of people but could be zoomed in on to reveal the individual faces. So a pixel wouldn't actually contain the faces, it would be an average of the faces leading to a database of the faces making up that pixel that could be zoomed in and out of at all the levels resolution necessary to put that much info into one aggregate image.

This might be a nice project to remind people in countries that are experiencing political turmoil, like most countries do, that despite political differences, everyone on this flag considers their country something special and is proud to be a part of it.

Countries are people, not flags, maybe that would be the message.

Addendum: Charge money to be a part of this and put that money towards charity. I'd opt for helping the homeless, setting up or assisting living addiction treatment centers to help people hurt by the opioid or meth crisis, but there are many worthy charities this might be able to help fund in an entertaining way.

doctorremulac3, Nov 27 2020


       Flegs [ ]
pocmloc, Nov 27 2020

       I like the way this incorporates the indigenous aspect of each country. Nice. And the charity makes it a winner as well. So + take that.
blissmiss, Nov 27 2020

       Thank you Blissy. :)
doctorremulac3, Nov 27 2020

       Mass surveillance CCTV cameras operated by a shadowy government agency can supply regularly updated images to ensure that your image on your pixel stays accurate as you age
hippo, Nov 27 2020

       We initially misread this as " Faeces Of Our Country Flag Project".   

       Which naturally led to the concept of a flag with pictures of the members of the government on it.   

       Which in some ways seems singularly appropriate ...
8th of 7, Nov 27 2020

       [hippo] They are missing backgrounds. An invaluable information source needed for a profile.
wjt, Nov 28 2020

       8th nailed it. For protests world wide.
blissmiss, Nov 28 2020


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