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Failed online world alumni societies

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Online places for the former residents of MySpace, Second Life, eWorld, Multiply, almost any Yahoo! service, etc., to meet up and chat about the old times.

For irony, this will be implemented as a Facebook page.

hippo, Dec 11 2012


       Failed online societies alumni - world has to be ubiquitous like it's everywhere. Like at Sex Toy World there's sex toys everywhere. World is ubiquity. Online world is sort of a misnomer, because the online really isn't everywhere it's the medium, like saying television world is inside the television, and not a place where televisions are everywhere like at a store called Television World, or at Disney World where everything is Disney. Just because you look at something through a microscope doesn't make it microscopic world in the sense that you can be there- even though somebody might say "microscopic world". That's a point I'm sticking to because people shouldn't desituate themselves from the fact that they are outside the online, and thus are not in any kind of online world no matter how distracted they get by it. Of course with microscopic implements the microscopic world can be manipulated, but sticking to the point that one is not there, so it is not everywhere even though it is at the same time.   

       Maybe with this facebook monopoly of online societies it could become online societies world, once online societies there are ubiquitous, and people become completely situated in it.
rcarty, Dec 11 2012

       Given Rule Thirty-Four, we live in Sex Toy World.
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2012

       Yes it is, and yes we are there.
rcarty, Dec 11 2012


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