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Faketerian Foods

Foods that are not what you think they are!
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I recently met a young man who claimed to be a vegetarian, however on further analysis and obsevation of his food selections I have determined that he is in fact a Faketerian, or rather one who only consumes food that looks like one type of food but is in fact another type of food.

To help my friend achieve success in his Faketerian regime I propose a line of foods specifically tailored to this group. Foods that look like one thing but are made of something different such as Tofu that is in fact made of meat, or hot dogs made of beans, or chicken wings made from beef etc.

What the items are made of is less important than that they be made in the form of some totally different type of food.

jhomrighaus, Dec 26 2008


       What are his lettuce leaves made of?
pertinax, Dec 26 2008

       so non-alcoholism beer (brew) is not a faketerian item. rather a fauxtarian. But the everclear and fruit punch''made with real and artificial flavors'',chaser is a grey-area item? um, what are rocky mountain oysters anyway?
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 26 2008

       i continue,   

       one item for this line of food products.   

       ...- Faketarian Food-...   

       Chicken Fried Steak. and the fake part would be to use any actual tasty steak meat!
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 26 2008

       <aside> I'm curious as to why non-vegetarians typically seem to regard the existence/consumption of food that (hypothetically) has the same texture and taste as meat but is actually not made from meat as being something of an argument *against* vegetarianism. If anything, it seems to me to be an additional point in its favour. </aside>
imaginality, Dec 26 2008

       This would be great! I could have fake weiners, when out with my friends for a hot dog snack.   

       Yay! I love this.
blissmiss, Dec 26 2008

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2008

       I love everyone no matter what they consume. As long as they don't consume too much. It's mass consumption that is the culprit, I think.   

       If everyone ate just a wee bit, like Olive Oyl for example, then we would all have enough, for now.
blissmiss, Dec 26 2008


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