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Famous Anus

Game Show about anything related to the digestive systems of the rich and famous
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Combining some of the 'best' attributes of modern-day obsessions, obsession with money, obsession with looks and obsession with celebrity, 'Famous Anus' is a game show in which contestants make lots of money by winning challenges and answering questions related to the digestive systems of famous people.

It could be like a 'price is right' format where there's different sorts of 'games' which the contestants go through or perhaps a 'jeopardy' format where contestants answer straight forward questions about the minutiae of celebrity bowel movements, eating habits, etc.
Some typical questions: "Question: Number of years since Suzanne Sommers has passed gas?" "Answer: Five"
"Question: What is Jennifer Aniston's favorite brand of Toilet Paper?" "Answer: Bounty Paper Towels"
etc., etc., etc.

Contestants could simulate wiping Dom DeLuise's ass via a virtual reality environment or perhaps minor celebrities, i.e. David Hasselhoff, could have the results of their High Colonic shown on national TV.

I could keep going with this but I think you get the idea.
dgeiser13, Sep 21 2000

Phil Hendrie http://www.philhendrieshow.com/index.html
You can only wish you were this smart/talented/funny [thumbwax, Sep 21 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Baked! http://www.mydigigu...?a=6&h=49&PID=12732
"Celebrity detox" - "<various 'celebrities'> have to endure seven days of fasting, exercising and enemas" [hippo, Oct 17 2004]

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       Baked. Phil Hendrie has the greatest radio show in the U.S. which oftentimes polls callers in a segment entitled 'Who's Constipated?' Dom DeLuise and his Family are the nicest people you could hope to know.
thumbwax, Sep 22 2000

       Can we have a "stupid name" category, so that we only have to see three of these stinkers (pun obviously intended) at a time?
bookworm, Sep 22 2000

       Damn! Just when I was about to submit my usual identical idea under the title of "Heinous Anus" . . . .
deacon, May 31 2001

       See link. UK HalfBakers can watch this tonight on Channel 5 (I won't be watching it though).
hippo, May 22 2003


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