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Fanjet Clothes Dryer

energy saving, entertaining
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A tall, 2œ foot diameter perspex cylinder, featuring a small fanjet off to the side, which exhaust - appropriately cooled by the "fan" bit - enters the cylinder from underneath a grill at the bottom, which creates a wind-driven tumbling effect on anything that happens to be inside.

Due to density differences, drier articles of clothing will tend towards the top of the maelstrom, leaving the wetter items closest to the heat source.

Thanks to common sense - having the incoming air warmed by the outgoing - a reasonable bit of energy can be saved.

et cetera:
- coin trap,
- lint and mysterious wads of paper collector,
- grill at the top of the cylinder to keep socks and hankies from flying out the side of the building,
- automatic intermittent mode for when the aforementioned socks and hankies get plastered to the top grill, impeding airflow too much,
- exhaust bypass for cool air mode.

Gaseous or liquid fueled: just change out the jet nozzles and pump. Plain old Electric also available, after some faffing about and grumbling about how boring a choice that is.

FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2016


       The Aermacchine.
whatrock, Jul 19 2016

       I did once come up with Bell Huey scale model (non-flying version) sock drier, you could clip the socks to the rotors turn on the motor and it could play the Apocalypse Now music..
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2016

       //drier articles of clothing will tend towards the top of the maelstrom   

       Err, would that mean that all the humid, water-bearing air blows through the slightly more drier stuff, so homoeostasis?   

       (ok I am recycling this joke) On non-laundry days could be used (with the heater off) to provide a safe practice area for small animals with the formation sky-diving skills.   

       NB Still waiting for the Borg to come up with the weeny smoke canisters.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 20 2016

       //homeostasis?// Nope: humid doesn't mean wet.   

       //sky diving// That (simulators), along with [bs0u0155]'s 2stroke dryer post, was the basis for this one.
FlyingToaster, Jul 20 2016


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