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Individual Clothes Dryer

Hangs on the wall and dries one shirt or pair of pants at a time.
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Ever get sick of the dryer just not quite getting a pair of jeans dry? Don't bother firing that beast up again, this thing will get it done in half the time. Opens clamshell-like with heating elements built into each wall. Sort of like a toaster. Probably would run off just a regular 120-volt outlet.
tkeyser, Mar 15 2001

Trouser Press http://www.comforth...mfort/trousers.html
Pretty much exactly it, even to the clamshells. [rmutt, Mar 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Just put it in the oven! Works for me.
Wes, Mar 15 2001

       Baked. Also known as a "radiator".
vincebowdren, Mar 15 2001

       Wes does his laundry Kramer style.
pnewp, Mar 19 2001

       Every time-saving device known to exist is designed to free up time to post to halfbakery.
thumbwax, Mar 19 2001

       Except for those devices which post to the halfbakery for you.
centauri, Mar 19 2001

       Clothes dryer toaster? Cool.
nick_n_uit, Mar 20 2001

       It's cheaper to own enough clothes so you don't have to do laundry all the time. Besides, jeans don't shrink so much if you let them air dry. :)
arghblah, Apr 19 2001

       How about a clothesline, or one of those wooden racks? No electricity needed. And super-cheap.
rebekkahshiri, Jun 15 2001

       clothesline? how dare you sugest something like that? What if we make an indoor clothes-line built in a wind tunnel. It could tripple your electricity bill, dry your clothes AND give you an extra few seconds on halfbakery.
RobertKidney, Jun 15 2001

       Why waste time drying your clothes? Just wear them out of the washer... you'll get to enjoy the fresh scent of mildew and have more time to halfbakeify, since your friends will deny your existence.
ginarfel, Aug 02 2001

       Hmm, would it be easier to stick my hand in the dryer, feel my jeans are wet, and give them a few more minutes, or to take wet jeans out of the dryer, possibly getting water on the jeans I'm wearing, open the individual clothes dryer, place jeans in, turn it on, close it, etc,... ?   

       And it'd have to be quite a lot more energy efficient to make it worthwhile buying it as well as a normal dryer. I don't have room in my kitchen for a freezer, or 2 people, or all my beer, or anywhere to hang my dishtowel, so it'd have to be pretty neat. Sorry.   

       Incidentally, is it dryer (noun) but drier (adjective)?
pottedstu, Sep 15 2001

       You ever see those ovens they use at pizza parlors now days? They put the pizza on a conveyor belt and it comes out the other side cooked. There are even toasters that work like that. Maybe we could use something like that for drying pants.
newt, Apr 20 2005


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