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Far Away Glasses

Glasses that make near things look far and reduce "monitor headache"
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I want glasses that can make the monitors I stare at all day look like they're large screens being projected 10 feet away. As I sit now, my face is 2 feet from my screens and if I sit here long enough, I'll get a headache and my eyes will get tired. I'll sometimes have to stare out into space because my eyes get tired of focusing so near. Humans weren't meant to stare at a screen two feet away from them for hours on end each day. We're supposed to be looking out over the horizon for food. I never have this issue looking at my projected screen in the living room. It's a 120" screen about 12 feet away. If I could wear glasses that make my LCDs look bigger and further away, my eyes would thank me after a long day at the desk. Yes, I know it'll feel weird seeing your arms stretch out in front of you ten feet and walking with them on would take quite a bit of getting used to to say the least. But that brings another idea into play... Try playing sports wearing these and you'll soon find yourself looking very stupid.
DariusThePile, Aug 04 2009


       I know you can get reading glasses set for the typical monitor distance, but I don't know if this is exactly what you want.
ldischler, Aug 04 2009


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