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Fast Food Speed Pass

Fatter! Quicker!
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For a couple years now in Massachusetts and other states they've offered a speed pass (thats what we call it in mass) on the turnpike...Basically your car is hooked up to your bank account and the money is taken out as you drive through, this cuts down on the time spent in money transactions. I think this idea would work beautifully for the fast food industry, no more 20 minute lines at McDonalds at lunchtime...I don't eat much fast food but it seems to make sence to me...this technology could be applied to pretty much all drive through services and wouldn't be difficult to implement.

The draw back is that you may find a group of 15 year old kids pushing your car through the drive through for free food...but hey kids will be kids!

gniterobot, Aug 22 2002

CarCash system http://www.cardforu...l/news/051900_4.htm
Baked. One of many articles on the topic. [waugsqueke, Aug 22 2002]

Pre specified order system (sorta) http://www.halfbake..._20Lunch_22_20Kiosk
Carryout or delivery? [Mr Burns, Aug 22 2002]


       Ideally, you could even pre-program your order so that you could order and pay with one swipe. How 'bout them apples?   

       Massachusetts, as I noticed on a recent visit, offers Lobster Sandwiches (McLobsters?) at the service plaza McDonald's on the Masspike. If they can do that, they can do anything.
banshee, Aug 22 2002

       Having once been a burger-flipper myself, I can tell you that the money transaction is often the fastest part of the whole experience. As [banshee] mentioned, a pre-specified order would be very helpful. Maybe a website that you could hit to configure your order just before leaving home/office for the burger joint. An RFID tag (like Mobil's Speedpass) could be read and your order retrieved when you approach the register or the drive up speaker thereby providing both the order and the payment data.   

       It always amazed me how people would stand in line for 5 minutes and not even think about what they were going to order until they stepped up to the register. It was impressive to see how much faster things flowed when we had order takers out working the line, writing down people's orders on an order pad so that they just handed it to the register operator when it was their turn.
half, Aug 22 2002

       Some restaurants near my place of employment will even let you call ahead and make your order, so that all you have to do is show up and swipe your card or empty your wallet.
polartomato, Aug 22 2002

       I agree that the payment part of the transaction is normally the fastest. These places are VERY efficient when it comes to taking your money off you .....
8th of 7, Aug 22 2002

       7/8: How much is it?
17/18: How much you got?
thumbwax, Aug 22 2002

       McDonalds has been piloting this exact idea with speedpass in IL for almost a year now. Works great - especially when you have no cash. The only problem is the terminal that authorizes the transaction is connected through a phone line. On a couple of occasions the phone line has been in use by someone in the store and, the staff thought there was a problem with my speedpass. But then again, it -is- McDonalds!
ceiltich, Aug 24 2002

       Not that anyone needs /another/ reason to love In-n-Out Burgers, but the order-takers who meet patrons in the drive-through line are great: nothing like getting up to the window to find your double-double already waiting or you.
land, Jul 10 2006


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