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Drive-Thru Toast

Look for the brown arches of crust.
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I don’t know about elsewhere in the world, but every drive through, fast food, breakfast choice in the US has a huge array of dough items on the list: muffins, bagels, croissants, English muffins, French toast, buns, rolls,tortillas, pancakes, biscuits, and sourdough bread, but NO Toast! One cannot drive through and order Toast. This just baffles me.

Now, I love toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Therefore there are an unlimited amount of toppings one may put on toast, also. [see link-Mr. Breakfast has 271 toppings] I propose, a wonderful bakery that makes breads only to add a drive-thru window for Toast only. Of course there will have to be a ‘toast condiment bar’ located inside for all the extra, added toppings, but the usual ones will be offered at the drive-thru like butter, sugar, cinnamon, peanut butter, jam, garlic, cheese, Cajun spices, etc. I like whole grain breads and rye with caraway seeds, so this bakery would bake many hearty types of bread that could stand up to becoming the very best toast. Obviously, much attention will be made to serve the toast to one’s liking. It will be available in light, medium and dark toasted. Wrapped with care, folded tenderly in wax paper left open just slightly, so the toast will not become soggy.

I think maybe the bakery can be shaped liked a loaf of bread, (but it doesn’t have to be) with the Crust Arches at the Drive-thru section for ordering and pick up. Please do not complain about the crumbs in the car! If you love toast, this is just a small price to pay for a warm serving of delicious toast ready when you want it.

xandram, Jun 21 2006

Mr. Breakfast has 271 ways to serve toast. http://www.mrbreakf...le.asp?articleid=20
...and I can think of a few more. [xandram, Jun 21 2006]

Toast Shop http://www.thetoastshop.co.uk/
You can have it delivered if you really want to. [skinflaps, Jun 21 2006]

Baragami http://messybeast.c...ragami/baragami.htm
On the subject of joke websites about toast... [prufrax, Jun 22 2006]

Toast song http://www.lyricske...65-toast-lyrics.htm
anyone remember this? I loved it [xenzag, Jun 23 2006]

FOUND IT!!!! http://spiritofradi...and%20-%20Toast.mp3
IT"S A MUST LISTEN!!!!!!! If you don't know this song , you will be very happy and if you do, you will be even happier [xenzag, Jun 23 2006]

Chocolate Toast http://www.chokladkultur.se/recipe.htm
About 1/2 way down the page. -- try not to miss is while you listen to the tune that plays in the background. [reensure, Jun 27 2006]


       Why not.   

       Easy on the garlic though.
skinflaps, Jun 21 2006

       nice link [skinflaps] I wonder if it would still be warm delivered to the US or would it still be 'today'?
xandram, Jun 21 2006

       Good idea. I've been known to order two eggs with bacon, primarily for the toast that comes with it. Never occurred to me to just ask for toast.
phundug, Jun 21 2006

       Xandram, the English eat their toast cold. They also appear to be willing to pay ten dollars a slice for it. Great link, [skinflaps].   

       Toasty slice of croissant for the idea. American breakfast fast food is sadly lacking in taste and health.
baconbrain, Jun 21 2006

       Wow, //Mr Joseph Hocking, Cornwall : "Excellent. I buy in bulk and freeze. The whole process makes early morning starts a breeze." // - from [skinflaps'] link.   

       I can only assume this website is a joke - is it possible for someone to find it quicker to buy in bulk and freeze it rather than just cook the raw toast?
fridge duck, Jun 21 2006

       there could be chain of restaurants stretching up the road, starting with the toast then the beans, then the eggs, then the coffee, then the chemist for the indigestion tablets....   

       (a friend of mine in New York once ordered a single fried egg from Teresa's on First Ave, and had it delivered ! (+) for a most excellent idea by the way.
xenzag, Jun 21 2006

       Well, now I must admit that I had thought of "Tunnel of Toast" where one picks the bread and places it on a converyor belt / toaster and you drive along til it becomes the toast of your choice and you pick it off and end up at the condiment place, but then I thought the condiments would get all yucky, so I scrapped that idea. I REALLY didn't know that the English like cold toast, but sometimes I like this also, because it can get real crispy, and that's what I like--crispy toast.
xandram, Jun 21 2006

       Now, now leave our toast alone.   

       All in all its just another loaf in the wall.   

       We dont need no bovril.   

       We dont need no thought control.   

       No dark sarcasm in the kitchen.   

       BrauBeaton, leave our toast alone.   

       Hey,BrauBeaton , leave our loaves alone!
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       //Xandram, the English eat their toast cold//no-one bothered to tell me.
po, Jun 22 2006

       hot toast, cold cheese and marmite mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
po, Jun 22 2006

       Now I'm thinking I would like to travel the world sampling toast from all countries!   

       My method is to bring it as close to burnt as possible without burning it. Wait a second before buttering as I like it crispy and butter tends to make it soggy if applied immediately. It's still warm when I eat it.
xandram, Jun 22 2006

       [Ian] Please tell me why you are placing your bread under a gorilla? Or better yet, don't I don't think I want to know.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2006

       [po] it' nice to know not ALL English folks like cold toast. I don't care for sterotyping, so Thank you.   

       yeah, I saw the gorilla thing, but hey---each to his own.
xandram, Jun 22 2006

       A lot of things are sold toasted though.
BJS, Jun 22 2006

       I had an aunt who dunked it in tea...
po, Jun 23 2006

       and I had a GrandMother who shared her toast with her parakeet every morning....he'd get on the table and nibble away at the toast.
xandram, Jun 23 2006

       Thanks [prufrax] Love the link!!
xandram, Jun 23 2006

       Cold toast: The Bane of My Existance   

       Because we put our butter in the fridge, it doesn't matter how hot my toast is, by the time I finish buttering the damn thing it's gone all cool and lipidity. So genius that I am, just put the whole thing back into the toaster oven for a warming up session. I leave it for the cat to clean the toaster oven.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jun 23 2006

       //it' nice to know not ALL English folks like cold toast. I don't care for sterotyping, so Thank you. //   

       It's not supposed to be cold over here, it's just how it ends up by the time it makes it to your table, bearing in mind the UK in the winter is not exaclty a warm place (although there are a lot colder.) Some better places will bring a toaster to the table on a trolley, now THATS toast ;-) Now if you go to a little cafe, not a restraunt, you have a better chance of getting warm toast too.
webfishrune, Jun 23 2006

       [skinflaps] - like the (sic) Floyd.   

       Dark Side of the Rainbow anyone ;-)   

       Talking of toast, anyone remeber Talkie Toaster?   

       //Because we put our butter in the fridge//   

       There's your problem, butter does not need to be put in the fridge, unless it's really hot where you are. It was never refridgerated for centuries and suddenly we seem to think it needs to be cold. I hate cold butter, you can't spread it.   

       Now margerine, that different, it definitely DOES need to be kept cold.
webfishrune, Jun 23 2006

       You are right, butter does not need to be refrigerated normally but I grew up in Tucson, AZ. Mucho hot! And come to think of it, we do use margarine now- allegedly 'healthier'. Whatever that suppose to mean...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jun 23 2006

       [xenzag] Thanks for the toast links. I just got a new computer this week and for some reason, I didn't hear the sound......dying to hear it, so I better get this working soon. It's like 6:30 am right now, haven't had my toast yet, either!
xandram, Jun 24 2006

       it's a quicktime file so it should work on anything
xenzag, Jun 24 2006

       And quicktime goes very well with lemon curd.
wagster, Jun 25 2006

       woo-hoo! [xen] I had to re-install my media player!! That song is SOOO cool! I love it. Wow, now I'm experiencing Multi-Media 'Bakery.   

       I can't thank you enough, because the desire to hear this helped me forge on to find out how to do stuff on my new computer. [I'm not a techie or anywhere near it]
xandram, Jun 25 2006

       Hey, great idea. I'd love to spend $2 on something that cost $.35 to make. Seriously, I'm big into toast, but not markups. I'm bunning it for a unique concept and certainly as a side dish, but fishboning every bastard that tries to buy a Rolls with the proceeds.
elhigh, Jun 27 2006

       [elhigh] We've never discussed the price.....anyway, I drive a Subaru.
xandram, Jun 27 2006

       [reensure] mmmmmm, that chocolate toast sounds delish!! but I didn't know the word *toast* came from the French!   

       I'd like to thank everyone for the votes as this is my first idea that has 'gone all the way'...... Thanks, and stop in for a *FREE* serving of the toast of your choice.
xandram, Jun 28 2006

       I love toast - and I'm a fan of it hot, or cold. I'd like to drive through a massive slice, but fear that I might get crumbs in my radiator.   

       One of the best things about toast is the rich gamut of toasty variations and associations: crumbs, hot butter-drips, toast-racks, crusts, toasters(the pop-up kind, both electric and gaseous grills, not to mention the high-bandwidth conveyor-belt type), melba toast, toasting forks, buttered toast landing butter-side-down (The BSD Principle) - oh and a whole host of other things. For as long as there's toast, there'll never be a dull moment.
zen_tom, Jul 07 2006

       I like cold toast. And cold pizza the next morning straight from the fridge. How about a drive-thru cold leftover pizza place ?
bumhat, Jul 07 2006

       you know, I have thought about "cold pizza doughnuts" before, but I remember finding something like this existed somewhere...
xandram, Jul 08 2006

       ...I've been out of *power*, ie. electricity for days at my house and had to make my toast in a woodstove holding it on a long fork!!
handmade toast!
xandram, Dec 15 2008


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