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Fast forward TV

and not just on demand...
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As the television signal streams through my TV it also gets buffered on my cable box and as a result I can Rewind and Pause a show. But I cannot Fast-Forward. This might be because the rate of streaming is = to the rate of viewing. However, with cable carrier capacities these days I see no reason why the stream rate couldn’t be > the view rate. Because if that is the case I should be able to Fast Forward as well.
nomadic_wonderer, Jun 04 2007


       It would be a lot easier to set your clock forwards 5 minutes then watch the show 5 minutes delayed. After a few months you'll forget that the clock is off and you'll delude yourself into thinking that you can fast forward live TV five minutes into the future! This has the added advantage that you'll never be late for meetings either.
gtoal, Jun 04 2007

       Um, you are describing a DVR. I have two. (-)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 04 2007


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