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Stepping on a scale seems pretty old fashioned. I'd like to see something that I could input my size, weight, height, etc into and get a voice telling me the following:

1. My weight
2. My healthy weight range.
3. What my current weight means like:

"Congratulations, you are in or near your target weight area."

"Caution, you are slightly overweight." (or underweight)

"You're more than 10lbs past your target weight range, now would be a good time to diet."

"You're officially overweight by x amount of pounds and it should be noticable through clothing."

"You're officially obese and should seriously consider a doctor-approved diet for your health."

Maybe with some variations, a forture, and a joke of the day so its not so monotonous.

4. A history of my weight. So it would say something like:

"Your weekly average is x."

"This is what you weighed last year at this time."

"You havent been this heavy/thin since x/x/x"

lowbot, Apr 09 2005

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       "One at a time, please."
RayfordSteele, Apr 09 2005

       Body fat analyzers are available, as are digital scales with sensors to ascertain body fat percentage and water content. I think that a memory addition for certain programmable functions applied to the scale would be useful to some people.
reensure, Apr 09 2005


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