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LED shoe-scales

[Brevity] LED indicators on shoe-scales for weight gain or loss
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vincevincevince, Nov 07 2007


       built-in to shoes?
evilpenguin, Nov 07 2007

       These are shoes. I presumed shoe-scales would be descriptive enough. Shoes which incorporate scales. If you have put on weight, they detect and indicate this by red LEDs, if you lost weight they display green LEDs.
vincevincevince, Nov 07 2007

       Nice! Could also be numeric LCD displays, for both lower power consumption and information content. Would also need a certain amount of processing to detect when you were standing still.   

       And calibration for "normal weight?"   

       On further thought, it might be nice to know the peak reading (maximum force) for when you are jogging / running. Possibly useful in athletic training - I'm guessing that keeping the maximum force to a minimum is good form?   

       Why not incorporate a GPS receiver to keep a (location / time) log of your running / walking / jogging, etc?   

       Beats the heck out of those lame shoes that just blink when you step! +
csea, Nov 07 2007

       //These are shoes. I presumed shoe-scales would be descriptive enough// well than, [+]   

       make them super-brite white LEDs to display overweightness
evilpenguin, Nov 07 2007

       See if you could power them off the of the piezo-electric load cells. They could charge as you walk and display when you stop. Though personally I think it would be better to bluetooth to a watch display like a hear rate monitor. I'm at least 10lbs. over where I should be and I really don't want to tell everyone.
MisterQED, Nov 07 2007

       [evilpenguin] Yeah.. really really bright so it would cast the shadow of the gut into the night sky. Holy tubbo, its the fat signal! Alert Fisherman Gorton, tell him to send some beer battered sticks pronto!
rascalraidex, Nov 07 2007

       New diet launch! The big shoes. Everyone knows our "weight" is the gravitational atraction of our mass to the centre of the earth. Wanna "weigh-less"? Spread your mass over a greater surface area. Bigger shoes are the new black!
4whom, Nov 07 2007


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