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Faucet pause button

Stopping the leak
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Maybe it's just my biggest pet peeve. Here's the scenario...

I fiddle with the faucet, a little hot... a little cold... more hot... less cold... and get the water to a comfortable temperature, wash my hands... splash my face... wash my face.

Here's the peeve. If I leave the faucet running, allowing me to add more water to my lather, or just because it took me too damn long to get the temperature just right, I'm not being very environmentally friendly. Turn it off to be green conscious, I end up leaving the faucet handles lathery, icky, and dirty... and probably make me squint an eye open to reactivate the flow making me cry.

I want a lever on the floor, that I can activate with my foot. It'll allow control of the flow of water, like a light dimmer, or just turn it off until I need it. That would sure be awesome.

boogalooShrimp, Feb 02 2007

ARWA lavatory faucets http://www.geminibkp.com/arwalav.htm
Swivel control: up/down=flow, sideways=temperature. [jutta, Feb 02 2007]

Mono Sink Mixer http://www.victoria...ono_Sink_Mixer.html
Otherwise known as single lever mixers. [zen_tom, Feb 02 2007]


       my family in japan has a really, really cool faucet: it has one tap for pressure, and one for temperature, and works perfectly!   

       if only japan would export goodies like this...
TIB, Feb 02 2007

       When I was in the Navy, there were hand-washing sinks by all the exits to the kitchen. These did come with foot pedals, but I don't think there was much temperature control.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 02 2007

       I like the foot lever solution. But if you just want the mix ratio to stay the same, you can install controls now that do that, even outside Japan - see link.
jutta, Feb 02 2007

       Well baked are those twin-axis faucets, left/right for temperature control and up down for delivery. Linkage just as soon as I figure out what they're called.
zen_tom, Feb 02 2007

       Tankless water heaters that install under the sink are designed to be environmentally friendly because they give you an instant and consistent amount of hot water. Also, foot pedal sinks are used in hospitals and in food packaging operations. If you want one installed in your house, they are not hard to come by.
Jscotty, Feb 02 2007


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