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Faux Convertible

A car where the windshield and windows and hood are all some sort of strong non-scratchable clear heavy plastic.
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You get all the advantages of a convertible without the wind, rain and cold. It would also protect you from dangerous sun rays while affording a great view. Perfect for touring.
aquamarine, Oct 17 2003

(??) PopeMiata http://www.moesreal...shop/popemobile.jpg
[wombat, Oct 04 2004]

Vauxhall Astra Panoramic http://www.topgear....t/news/stories/843/
[hippo, Nov 03 2004]


       popemobile is cute but rather confining...
aquamarine, Oct 17 2003

       The solar retention of glass with none of the pesky structural integrity of steel.
phoenix, Oct 18 2003

       Nothing can replace a real convertible.
Pericles, Oct 18 2003

       Plug one ot those 12v fans into the cigarette lighter while it's parked in the sun and it could double as a "Solar Convection Oven." Just lay a pot roast on the seat while you're at work, and dinner is done when it's time to go home...
whlanteigne, Nov 03 2004

       might be alright in cold climates though. would make the interior much brighter..
neilp, Nov 03 2004

       This describes the Vauxhall Astra Panoramic (see link).
hippo, Nov 03 2004


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