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Faux Remote For Cycles

Remote Keyless Entry For Cycles
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The cycling experience is lacking that pleasant chirp of greeting and that reassuring note that says "I'll be OK while you are gone" that we have come to expect at the start and end of our vehicular journeys.

The FRKE for Cycles bolts onto the handlebar. It flashes a light and makes sounds when its remote control's "Hello" and "Goodbye" buttons are pressed.

People will be impressed when you arrive, park, start to walk away, then turn, casually point your remote, and your cycle beeps.

farble, Jun 24 2005

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       it could bark when you leave it and purr when you return.   

       never had a car with one of those gizmo's, I have to do a ventriloqist's beep to impress people (or not)
po, Jun 24 2005

       I despise cars which do that.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 10 2011

       My wife insists upon using her fob remote. She will exit her vehicle, close the door, and stand right next to it, pressing the 'lock' button an extra time to get the 'I'm already locked' confirmation toot from the horn. Long ago, I suggested that she could simply lock the door manually as she exits and try the handle if she's uncertain, but I received the 'this isn't going to change, so make your peace with it' look.   

       If we lived in a place where we needed to lock up our bicycles, she would definitely go for a bike lock with a fob remote and audible confirmation, and I would make my peace with that, too.
Alterother, Aug 10 2011

       After suffering ten years of beeping Saab, I just found that by removing the theft alarm system, the beeping beeps stopped.   

       The alarm was going off, by design, to warn me that its battery was failing. Unfortunately it mostly went off in the middle of the night. The only way to stop it was to leave the car unlocked.   

       I am much happier now.
farble, Dec 07 2012


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