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Your favorites or bookmarks on a web page
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If your favorites are anything like mine, they are far from organized, way to huge to find anything, and, well, useless after about one half screen scroll down.

Your favorites can be easily exported and imported to and from your computer as an HTML file. This file could be uploaded to the Favoritizer.com web site under your own account. The links could then; 1) Automatically tested to see if they are still good 2) Filtered for known spyware, forced start / search pages, doubles 3) Automatically or by you organized into a web page by drag and drop or some other easy method 4) Saved back to your computer in the cleaned up version 5) OR kept on the Favoritizer.com web site and made into your own "real" home page (which could be shared) 6) Favoritizer.com crawlers could look for similar content and suggest places for you to visit which match your current favorites or that meets criteria you select 7) Favoritizer.com has many uses, and is a fun and friendly alternative. 8) There are other sites that might do this, but do they have the name "Favoritizer.com"? I think not. 9) Yes, I do - own the name, purchased it yesterday.

~A half baked dish I could serve to my mother~

athome, Jan 15 2005


       Well I figured I should tell people that I owned the domain and was serious about doing it. (I edited my original post by removing the .com, because I noticed afterwards not very many .coms in the rest of the titles.   

       By the way, thank you for the link.   

       The name is far better than http://del.icio.us/ agreed?? And the name is 90% of the appeal of the idea - it does what it says, says what it does... Not fake, or in any way promotional (favoritizer.com is not “up” right now ready to steal traffic away from the halfbakery.com site)   

       Now you caught me drinking tonight and I am a little defensive - but honestly I don’t understand your criteria - I read the help, all of it. What category is this idea in that you would mark it for deletion? And fish it? (its not a bad idea, I have been in this business, in the computer user field, for over 15 years and I know what people have trouble with... One is, the use and organization of their favorites)   

       Look - I am only after input on the idea, good, bad, indifferent, as it is half baked you know :) If you are willing to discuss - then what is the difference if it is a domain I just purchased to protect what I think is a good idea? Or if it is one with no domain name associated (which for 8 bucks I would just be stupid to divulge the name of such an idea without first buying it).   

       The idea of promotion on this site is not at all what I have in mind - I thought I was simply showing the "product" in its best possible light -   

       Seems like I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other here - my black hole theory on existence not being what you want, and now this being - too much of what you want?? (TMI) I wish to continue posting on this site and am sorry, and again, embarrassed. I will do more reading of what is here and try to fit in.   

       I bet an automatic peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker would receive rave reviews, happy respondents gleefully poking fun, and praising the genuine “craziness” of such a thing? If that is what you do here primarily – that is fine – like I said, I will try to fit in - when I have time, I was actually trying to come up with a viable web based product and get some opinion from the willing…   

       So - what’s up with threatening to take away my account! You must be Supreme Being here?   

       And I'm new, no nurturing??   

       - wack! "One more idea like that and your outta here!"   

       ~I think we have gone overboard this time, good thing it's still shallow here~
athome, Jan 16 2005

       As I understand it, it is Jutta's site. <aside> Your reaction is one I have seen by many newbakers (and I am one too). You post an idea, get criticised and then believe the criticisism is personal. It isn't. Well most of the time it isn't... As I see it, this is a site thats half humorous ideas that you think of and never in your life want to do something with (and then it depends on your type of humour if you get fishes or croissonts, we are all human after all and each to his/her/its own), and half serious thoughts exploiting the benefit of internet to its outer limits. And then there are the words... People tend not to read the words but interpret them. Jutta asked you a question, frowning possible, but still a question. As for the peanut butter and jelly maker... Throw in some Custard and it will probably do better (providing of course you can specify design etc.)
Susan, Jan 16 2005

       It's difficult to think of inventions that have feasibility, and marketability, and that haven't already been done.   

       Since you want to actually build the site, you might want to refrain from publicly revealing the features you are going to add to your site that will distinguish your site from del.icio.us. Your competion is watching. The guy could start tomorrow on adding those anti-spyware features to his site. :-(   

       The only thing you are safe revealing is the name, since you have that protected. And I do think it's a great name. But a name is not quite an invention.
robinism, Jan 16 2005

       Of course, to comply with UK spelling, [athome] would have to register "favouritiser.com" as well.
hippo, Jan 16 2005

       I did miss the question that Jutta was asking, thanks for the advice, and input all. - I am saving some of the best features for final product.   

       As far as competition - anymore, my ideas, even if they were to be stolen it would be nice to see them come to market. Plus I figure copywrite involves the first one to publish an idea - this is a dated form of publication? (probably wrong there too, I think I remember reading that)   

       Anyhow, good day! - favouritiser huh, cool thanks
athome, Jan 16 2005

       //I figure copywrite involves the first one to publish an idea //   

       I don't think you can copyright an idea. Some ideas are patentable. Copyright is for your compositions (words, music, visual). Your writing about your idea is copyrightable.
robinism, Jan 17 2005


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