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Keep an eye on what's going on in there...
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The FetalVision is a simple yet revolutionary product- an ordinary peephole with a wide-angle lens, but made not to go in a door, but instead to be implanted in the navel and through the uterine lining of the stylish pregnant woman. Doctors, relatives, and friends will enjoy a breathtaking view of the developing fetus by simply putting their eye up to her belly button and pressing a flashlight to her stomach. Optional accessories include the internal-mount light, the camera mount, and the periscope for the mother's own navel-gazing pleasure.
utexaspunk, Apr 22 2005


       A company here in Mission Valley, San Diego, called Fetal Fotos, takes pictures of the little one which are pretty amazingly detailed and, honestly, a little spooky. I had a prego roommate (no, not with my child) who did that.
disbomber, Apr 22 2005

       Very creative. +
bristolz, Apr 22 2005

       [disbomber] - are they actual photos, or ultrasound, or maybe that new-fangled 3-d ultrasound? Maybe they're kinda like the famous Life magazine photos? That would be pretty cool to have a picture (or movie!) of yourself as a fetus...
utexaspunk, Apr 22 2005

       An application for a wireless camera?
Ling, Apr 22 2005

       Probably too much light for youngun's sensitive eyes to deal with.
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2005


It would be better to reverse the glass, so that the fetus can see out. Get an early start on life! Learn to read!

“It was fine for a while,” said the expectant mother, “when he was looking at pictures. But then he learned to read. Look at this, look at what he’s into.” She held up The Gulag Archipelago, then quickly returned it to her stomach. “Damn it, will you stop?” She shakes her head ruefully. “He kicks me to turn the page. I’m hoping he doesn’t learn to bite.”
ldischler, Apr 22 2005


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